The Tergavi speaks

Why Winter is North

Please, take a seat. Tonight our Tergavi will tell you why winter comes from the north. And remember, do not interrupt.

Ages ago when King Blossom lived and the rutr was still new there lived a wise Tergavi. He was called More-than-wolf because he was the best warrior, the wisest Tergavi and he had even more than one wolfbrother but he always refused to be King. And when the rutr was discovered he was the second to study it.

One day when he was sitting on the grass and looking at the rutr a spiritwolf came to him. He spoke to him and the wolf revealed to him that Telmor had a test for his wisest Tergavi since he missed the challenge of the ruthrr. More-than-wolf spoke that he would find the wisest of the Tergavi and deliver the challenge to him if that was the task the spiritwolf had for him. The spiritwolf was first puzzled than replied that he was the wisest of all Tergavi and that this challenge was for him and no other. Now you can imagine how surprised More-than-wolf was when he heard the news. After a while he asked what kind of challenge it was that Telmor posed him. And the spiritwolf answered that it was a difficult one and that it would take many winters to discover the right answer, but in case that it should be solved he would become a hero and a great help for every Telmori. And thus More-than-wolf agreed to try it for the sake of all wolfkind.

The spiritwolf explained that in order to solve the riddle he had to find out where the seasons came from. And no other Telmori than his wolfbrothers were allowed to help him.

So More-than-wolf prepared himself and his four wolfbrothers for the quest. He thought that he would be back in one winter's time. Well that he thought.

He decided to search for winter first. And when winter came with its icy breath and covered all the forest in snow he set off and followed the snow when it was melting. He wandered about and asked everyone he met where the winter came from. And everyone answered that he must go „north“. And so he traveled north until he was in the land where winter lived. It was cold and icy winds roamed the iced fields. Seldom did he or his wolfbrothers find any food or shelter. But nonetheless he traveled on. And one day after he has not eaten for so long that he forgot how meat tasted, he arrived at a palace.

It was shining bright and it was of ice alone. Its towers were so high that they were invisible. And it had a gate which stood open. Through this gate many cold winds came to face More-than-wolf and his brothers and though he was nearly frozen to death and he could not see in the snowstorm he asked if this was the place where the winter came from. After this the winds replied that it was Winter's Palace where their father was King. And that every year he and his sons traveled to fight against Summer a lord of heat and that they always return victorious but after a while Lord Summer drives them off just to be driven off the next year.

Because he was the first of the mortals to visit them they had a gift for him. They made one of his wolfbrothers invisible and they offered him the Spear of Coldness which could drive every heat away for a while. More-than-wolf accepted both, thanked them and asked them where this Lord Summer lived. They only knew that he had to travel „south“.

And thus More-than-wolf traveled long to where Lord Summer lived. Again he asked many people who helped him. After a while he was in the land of Lord Summer, it was very hot, so hot that without the Spear of Coldness he and his brothers could not breathe. He traveled further and discovered the burning lands, where there is no water and no land, just fire and heat. And the Spear of Coldness began to melt in order to supply More-than-wolf and brother with water and protection. Just before the Spear vanished More-than-wolf discovered a palace. This palace was made of fire alone. And its towers were so high that they reached the sky and burned it there. It also had a gate through which four warriors out of fire with weapons made of fire and burning armour came to face More-than-wolf.

They were very surprised to find someone mortal here alive and greeted More-than-wolf. Though he could barely breathe he asked if this was the place where Lord Summer was King. And the four fiery warriors replied that it was indeed Lord Summer's Palace of Fire. And that he was preparing for a war against Lord Winter a terrible foe that would ice the whole world if he would not be stopped by Lord Summer. But because Lord Summer was very content to see a mortal visit him he had two gifts for him. The first gift was that one of his wolves became invisible in Lord Summer's domain and the second was the Spear of Heat. This spear would provide heat even in Lord Winter's Palace and was a potent weapon against Winter's warriors. More-than-wolf was gracious and before he left asked where he could find Lord Spring. But the fiery warriors only laughed at that and left.

So More-than-wolf returned from the Land of Lord Summer and asked many people to help him finding Lord Spring. But they laughed and pointed to the „east“. And after many winters he had reached a land where all was green and blooming. There was plenty of prey and much streams. And More-than-wolf asked whose land this was so pleasant but so far. A wolfish woman replied that it was her land, the Land of Evergreen or Spring. And she invited him to a feast at her palace. For she was beautiful and pleasant to speak to More-than-wolf and his brothers followed her invitation. They feasted long and they talked a lot and after much time has passed he said that he must leave and fulfill his quest and find out where Lord Fall lived. But he promised to return to her after he had finished. And because Lady Spring and More-than-wolf liked each other the Lady gifted one of his brother with invisibility. And made a promise to wait for him regardless how long it would take him to find her sister's home, for there was no Lord Fall but a Lady and she lived far in the „west“.

Thus More-than-Wolf parted the last time and discovered after many winters the lands where all was sleeping. He woke someone and asked him if he was in the Lands of Lady Fall and he was right. So he searched for a Lady many winters and after he got so old that he could hardly walk he had found her. He woke her and she was pleased to be visited by such an young wolf for she was even older than him. And they spoke of his adventures and of her fathers and of her sister and of his quest. Much time passed until he had told the whole story. The generous Lady Fall showed him her palace and gifted his last wolf with invisibility and gave himself the strength of young days that he could finish his quest and return to his beloved. But he had to promise to greet her sister the Lady Spring. He thanked her and finally departed for his home.

Many winters had passed after More-than-wolf left and soon he was forgotten and when he finally returned not even the oldest wolf recognised him. But Telmor himself told the story of the wisest of the Tergavi that night. And More-than-wolf declared the directions to be winter, spring, summer and fall. The next day he left for his beloved and never returned.

But his two spears he left to his brothers and sometime it happens that a Tergavi returns from the path of the spiritwolves with such a weapon. This is seldom but I myself had the honour to see my uncle having wield the Spear of Coldness against foes. It is a very powerful weaponbut it is better used to preserve life like the Spear of Heat.