The Tergavi speaks

Why we Telmori die

Listen carefully to our Tergavi, he will reveal a big secret to you this night. You must not interrupt him and do not leave before he is done.

It was the time when Fer was still young. Many of us knew of it only by what we saw. And what we saw was not pleasent. Though Fer was a good thing to defend us from foes it could also turn your scent of life into a stench of decay. And first no one knew what happened to the taken. No wolf had heard anything of those who were touched by Fer. And also great King Telmor did not know where his children went to. So he decided to go himself and search for them and disappeared…

But Fer brought also good because there were so much wolves and others that prey was no longer sufficient but Fer allowed us to kill others so that we had again enough to eat. This was a good thing. But then the wolf tribe grew bigger and bigger until there was not enough meat to eat for us wolves. So we tried to eat plants, stone, earth and other things but nothing could stop our hunger and just before the whole world was eaten by wolves had Telmor returned from his quest.

He told us that Fer was nothing to fear and that all the dead Telmori were at some other forest even bigger that that of the High King Telmor. He told us that only if some of us would sacrifice their lives could the other part live. In return would the taken return when there forest would be full. Thus was formed the Eternal Bond between us and them. All of us agreed to become mortal and all of them agreed to die for us. In a great ceremony they laid down in the First Grove and never woke up. When you walk the spirits' path you could still see them guarded by their wolfbrothers. The world saved by our King Telmor through the Eternal Bond.

Now to fulfil this oath we all are mortal but this is good because when I die one of them is born. But beware chaos for chaos destroys this bond it takes you from this circle and you can never return. You will never join Telmor in the magnificent forest and never feast with your family, your scent of life will never return for chaos destroys it forever while Fer takes it but only temporary. So beware of those Red Men who try to convert you to their ways, they are full of chaos and are jealous of our life for their cannot come back.

Now you may wonder why we do not know nothing of this other forest which we must had seen so many times. I will tell you. Both this world and the other are unique and beautiful in their own ways and both are worth living in. Because some like it more to live here and other like it more to live there Telmor being a gentle King lets us forget all of our life that we had lead before. Thus it is easier for us to uphold the Eternal Bond not knowing of the pleasures of the other world and what we are missing. Yet some might see this world when you walk the path of the Kings. Some go there before Fer takes their scent of life. Some also come from the other world here but this is seldom because Gbaji and chaos lurks at the paths between and they are mighty foes if you are not accompanied by Fer, fear them !

So listen to me and remember what to do if you feel your scent of life fading. Do not fear Fer for it is your friend and ours.