The Tergavi speaks

Why we are male and female

It is snow season and our Tergavi is preparing everything for the arrival of the Rahrr, the brides of our King. Though he has much to do I could convince him to tell you why we Telmori are a separated race, why one part is male and the other female. I will translate for you while you listen carefully.

In former times when even Fer was unknown we were not different nor separated. Every wolf was neither male nor female for there was no need for such a thing. We lived in joy within King Telmor's forest not knowing the bad things in life. But as it is always with humans they grew jealous of our peace and joy. Thus they plotted against us to destroy our forest and our King Telmor. But because Fer was still unknown they had no chance and we simply threw them out of our lands and beyond any sight of us wolves. For this they began to hate us even more and they deceived even some of their gods to fight against us. But because their gods were a wicked pack they found at last a way to bring pain and sorrow to our forest.

They sacrificed much for this, some gave even their foul lives and others even destroyed other gods to achieve it, but in the end it was done - chaos was born. It was a mighty foe for it was new and new things always bring victory. Chaos was such a mighty foe because it did what nothing before it could do, it destroyed the Telmori so quickly that High King Telmor could not make new ones in time. Thus the Telmori tribe became weaker and weaker, diminishing from day to day, awaiting their extinction. Telmor saw that here he could not win alone, here he needed someone's help.

Because Telmor was beloved by many and was friend with nearly every deity he had not needed to wait long before a goddess of spring came to him and ask him for his trouble. And Telmor giftet her as he always did and spoke to her…

After he finished, Yrr – for that was her name – told him that she had an answer to his problem but it would be hard to save his children. Telmor accepted and swore that his children were all for him and that he would give her all his power, if this was what Yrr asked for. Yrr started to laught at him for this never was what she wanted. She showed him how he could make new Telmori.

This was the first mating and it it took Telmor and Yrr seven seasons to perform it right. But in the end Telmor was successful and Yrr bore seven wolves each of a different colour, one white as the snow and the other black as a moonless night, and six of them were like Telmor but one was like Yrr. Now when Telmor saw this wonder he was very content and thanked Yrr a lot for her help and he promised to visit her next season again to train the art of making Telmori. From this time on Telmor and Yrr walked through our High King's forest and showed each wolf how they could unite and thus make more Telmori. But before this Yrr had to convince some of the wolves to become female and Telmor had to convince them to become male for only in this way could they make Telmori.

First the Telmori were reluctant to do it but after more and more told that it was a good thing and that only in this way they could be saved from chaos they agreed. After several seasons the Telmori tribe was as big as it was before the birth of chaos and it started to grow even larger for it was pleasent to have children and see them grow and have their own children.

Thus Telmor and Yrr made all Telmori either male or female and this is a good thing.