The Tergavi speaks

Why we are hated

The Tergavi bids you welcome. He will tell you why we Telmori are hated by outsiders. I will translate his tale for you. Listen and don't interrupt !

Many of you have heard the tales of us Telmori running wild under the red moon. And I must say most of it is true. Yes, we take your sheep and slay your men. And we do even worse sometimes. Now you may think that this is our way, that we are wild and dangerous and that we should be killed whenever encountered.

But this was not always the way things are. Last night a wolf spoke to me in dreams. He told of times when all Telmor's children were pure. No one needed to change his form against his will and no one had to hunt his neighbours. Everywhere peace reigned until the Deceiver came.

The Deceiver saw that against the armies of mighty Telmor and his friend Nysalor he was helpless. He already had deceived many but before the Telmori they could not stand a single day. And because the threat of Talor the Deceiver could become greater, Telmor and Nysalor gifted us with a piece of each one's soul. All the Telmori in Nysalor's army could turn to manwolves on wilddays without using up their own power. Thus we became nearly invincible. You know this effect : it makes our skin like that of Telmor, even better than your „armour“. Only poison metal and magic can hurt us. So you better run on wilddays when you see a Telmori heading towards you and never enter our forest on this day !

But since all good must die one day, peace was not eternal. Talor the Deceiver came with chaos for help. He changed the blessing of Nysalor to a curse. He damned us to change form on wilddays and to become very ferocious and vile. But his most evil deed was to lay a mark of chaos on us thus our scent is polluted by chaos !

After that Talor the Deceiver told everywhere that Nysalor was also of the Chaos tribe and that everyone shall join in arms to fight this monster. And because the Trolls had been cursed and they did not know why, Talor told them that it was also done by Nysalor because he hated the Darkness Tribe so much. So the Trolls were the first who became enemies of Nysalor but soon more and more followed the Deceiver. He let armies against Nysalor but even then he could not win.

But his next deceit should have been enough to destroy our mighty Nysalor. He caused Arkat to hate Nysalor and made him believe that Nysalor was Gbaji the Deceiver himself. And after so many friends left Nysalor peace was no longer possible. Many years of war followed and after both sides were reduced to only a handful of warriors Arkat met Nysalor atop the Tower of Justice where first peace was declared.

After a fierce battle where our lord would have been victor real Gbaji appeared and destroyed Arkat and the weakened Nysalor. He stole all his secrets and perverted them. Thus he made Illumination evil and peace only a thing to hope for.

This is our story why we must raid our neighbours and why we cannot have peace. As long as the curse is on us people will be deceived by our chaos mark and peace will never last long.

Tell this tale to you kin, only if they know of it Gbaji's might will vanish.