The Tergavi speaks

What is it to be a Tergavi

You have heard of our great magic, you maybe have seen or felt it for yourself within our peaceful lands. Now listen what great responsibility it brings, too.

A Tergavi begins his studies when still young. It may be even before becoming a warrior. Though some Tergavi never become warriors.

Normally we young Tergavi learn from an old and wise Tergavi. I learned all I needed from Blood-in-his-eyes a highly respected Tergavi, now the second oldest of us. We are very exited when we first set foot upon Dezak's path. I can tell you I nearly killed the dog spirit the wrong way and all the magic would have been lost would not Blood-in-his-eyes have calmed my excitement down so fast. It was my first spirit and it was still hard in these days. Now I would laugh at such a tiny dog spirit.

Later on followed more vicious spirits, like that of the cat clans, who always fight with all their power and will turn deadly enemies when wounded. My soul got scars from that until I learned to be more cautious. But one of the most challenging are the spirits of the man, you can never say what one will do and what powers they have. One particular was so strongly tied to Fer that he made wounds which would never close. This one I got only by luck and cunning but it was worth it. Just ask the wolfrunners.

But the most dangerous are the spirits of disease and chaos. They are terribly strong and have unique powers, yet even when you kill them the right way, you should not take them. The powers themselves are terribly hard to control and only the toughest of Tergavi can do, and then just for a short time. I always ask for help from my friends and together we imprison them or unleash them upon our foes so that they might bring great woe to them.

Another important path is to seek out our father and the friends of us Telmori upon Dezak's path. A good Tergavi will be gifted by many of them with powers helpful for the packs of Telmor. But there is also the other way, sometimes more dangerous and thus sometimes more rewarding.

A Tergavi can choose to seek out not his friends on the path of Dezak but his foes. Of course there are more foes to the Telmori then friends, this was just the other way round in the older days, when peace and friendship was still known. There is the chance to get powers which no other Tergavi has, probably most useful to our tribe, but there is also the risk to get killed easily. But death is not the worst. Some Tergavi become corrupted and come back as a menace to us all, others will be made servants to our foes for eternity. So watch out you travellers on Dezak's path and remember always the rules of the Tergavi.

Sometimes when a Tergavi has grown powerful a human disease strikes him : greed. He thinks he can do what no Tergavi before him did, he thinks he is the best and he thinks he is better than the rest. This is most dangerous. These are the Tergavi who bring the greatest of woe to their packs and sometimes even the whole tribe. We say that there soul became blind and that they no longer feel Telmor. Those must be brought down as fast as possible, and all must help. Sadly it is very hard to cope with them for their power is terrible. But if a Tergavi always heeds the rules of Telmor well and listens to Dances-with-power in his heart he will never fall to this disease.