Train with the Warriors

Weapons of the Telmori

Tonight you may learn about five of our weapons. We have also many magical ones but those will not be shown to you tonight. Listen carefully to Claw and do not dare to interrupt him.

We are born with two weapons. Our teeth and our claws are far better than what man gets when he is born. No man can stand against a wolf without weapons. And these weapons cannot be lost like any of those which man has. They serve us all the time and without them life becomes harder and harder and we become dependent on others. Those weapons are all that our four-legged brothers and sisters have.

Certainly you have never thought that they needed any more, have you ?

Every Telmori is proud of his teeth and claws and will always take care of them. It is a very ill omen if the teeth start to fall out or the claws get broken. Now because the two-legged Telmori are without good weapons during all days but the cursed one, new weapons had been found by ancient heroes.

These are : hrug or the war spear, aw-hrug or the javelin and rewr or the stone axe. The hrug is the most common weapon with the Telmori. Nearly every two-legged Telmori has one. The only exception are the Tergavi. It has a wooden shaft and its tip is made from either stone or bone. The first hrug of a warrior is enchanted and a part of his and his wolfbrother's bodies. When the two-legged Telmori becomes four-legged the enchanted spear becomes his and his wolfbrother's claws.

But only the enchanted hrug is able to strengthen ones claws. The hrug is a deadly weapon in a warrior's hands. It can be used to combat any foe, regardless if mounted or armoured. Both strength and dexterity are needed to master this weapon and it is rather easy to learn its powers. The hrug is the first weapon of a warrior and will always be it. Its only disadvantage is that it cannot be used when fighting against a foe standing just few hands apart from you. Here the rewr or claws and teeth are preferred.

The aw-hrug consists of a wooden shaft like the hrug. However where the hrug has a stone tip the aw-hrug has only a sharpened and hardened wooden tip. All together it weights the half of a hrug, some even less. It is not easy to learn the art of throwing the aw-hrug. One must have much more strength to use it than the hrug. But if used in the right way it is a deadly weapon aswell. I myself have seen my King killing a full armoured Red Man with one. It is reported that one of our Kings could hurl seven at the same time. The Tergavi can even give us the power to make an aw-hrug pass all armour. But though it is a very good weapon is cannot be used with much effect in a forest. Plains and open fields are far better for it. There the aw-hrug shows its whole power.

Then there is the rewr. It consists of wood and a stone blade. It can be used either by throwing it or in hand combat. It weights about the same as a aw-hrug and can do great damage to both armour and man. It is hard to learn throwing it but it is easy to fight with it. It is sometimes called a female weapon because one does not need the strength needed for the hrug or the aw-hrug. But to successfully fight with it one must possess a great amount of dexterity. Yet it can be used even when the foe is very near and it is easier to hide it than the hrug or the aw-hrug. This makes it often used by our scouts for it is easier to run with it. It is a formidable weapon second only to the enchanted hrug.

These are our traditional weapons, every single one filled with Fer and mastered by a wolfrunner, deadly and dangerous but serving to preserve life and not to destroy.