Train with the Warriors

Warriors of the Dark Paw packs

Look inside the flames. Do you see the shadows dancing ? They are here to tell of the mighty warriors of the Dark Paws. Listen carefully, watch the shadows and never dare to interrupt.

The first warriors were the companions of Dark Paw. They were mighty and had much wild power. Their scent of life was very prominent. None of them used the aw-hrug and so today none of our warriors know how to use it either. But we hold the rwer in high regard. Indeed the greatness of our warriors is measured by the mastery of rwer rather than the ordinary but noble hrug. It is no wonder we are the masters of the rwer, no packs can stand before us.

The tips of our hrugs are enchanted in a way which is known only to our Tergavi. This makes them strong enough to resist most of the vicious blades of man.

As Dark Paw walked the shadows many of our warriors have, too. From there, a land where friendship is scarce and pain is like breath the mighties of our wolfrunners return. With them they bring powers which can frighten even the bravest of man, even some of the darkness people. For those who return fear is nothing more than a word for they have not fought fear but befriended it. These are the true warriors of Dark Paw.

They walk to battle and hail Dark Paw and Telmor. They may invoke the power of the other darkness and can call fear to their side. Magic runs stong in their blood. Sometimes they even bring the dark black wolves to fight.

These warriors walk with the song of sadness on their lips into battle and all who are of the Dark Paws will feel his own presence. He will fill their hearts with bravery and their blood with vigour. They will be on the enemy like wolves are on dogs. They never wear any armour for they know that there is nothing more powerful than Telmor's own skin. They always go to battle two-legged and come back four-legged.

The leader of the warriors is the strong dezaker Hrof Bloodtaste a terribly strong and ferocious wolfrunner. When he was once caught by some bandits outside our beloved lands and they thought they would have an weak victim he taught them a terrible lesson. He skinned their faces with his teeth and drank all the blood, this had invigourated him so much that he went for the families of these bandits. Though it took him some days he hunted them all down. He ripped all of their greed filled eyes and took them with him. Though he was nearly mortally wounded this night he took 13 people with him not counting the women and children.

Our Tergavi made the eyes of his victims into a potent charm and since then the poeple bordering our territory call him eyerobber.

May you never meet him as a foe.