Tongue of the Wolves
Telmori phrases and names

Artud-ferrs-urrigr or Treason-kills-wolves is a famous battle which took place in 1608 ST. It was fought at the edge of the Telmori Woods and was a defeat for the Telmori, yet the Lunars and the participating Orlanthi took very heavy losses. In this battle the wolfbrother of King Kostajor the Unseen died during a fight with the Lunar commander. Also Orstarong the Traitor who swore friendship to our King first then betrayed him was killed there. He was torn apart by our noble King Kostajor but Orstarong's warriors were all noble and deserted Orstarong as soon as they could and fought as Hor-vars-urrigr on our side.

Aw-hrug or javelin is primary used when hunting. It weights only the half of the hrug but can inflict great damage nonetheless.

Deza or she-leader is called the Queen of a pack. She rules the female members of the pack while the King rules the male ones. Normally she only mates with the King an no one else. The deza of the female pack mates only with Telmor himself.

Dezaker or he-leader is the male counterpart for a Queen. The King is the ruler of the pack second to no one. Sometimes an old Tergavi is more respected but the King always makes the decisions regardless if according to the Tergavi or not, the latter is seldom though.

Drog-rarr or seven-days is called the Telmori week. It begins with the cursed day (wildday) and ends with the day before.

Fer or Death is seen as a good thing. It allows to kill enemies and in the Eternal Bond it allows all the Telmori to survive. It is also a guardian when Telmori die because it secures from Gbaji and chaos.

Ferrud or Deathbringer was the King who dealt and discovered Fer. After several struggles he succeeded in taming this power through his personal strength. He forced it to serve korv and was called King Peace therefore.

Grav-hrug-rihr or Blood-Spear-ritual is usually the beginning of wolfhood for a Telmori. The Telmori spends several nights trying to find his spear-to-be and bind the spear to his and his wolfbrother's body. After the ritual the spear is a part of the Telmori himself.

Gtref-agr or cold path is a special way of life for a Telmori. Those who have chosen it never use ruug in any form and encourage others to do it as well. It is only a minority within the Telmori but a respected one. When the arutr comes they fur becomes pale white making them invisible in snow.

Heturavi is a dance in which the Telmori bring back the forces of life back again. It is danced when the snow has melted and the first plants start to bloom. It is a feast for all Telmori and many packs celebrate it together.

Hor-vars-urrig or Heart-like-wolf is the phrase to call the most loyal friends a Telmori can have without them being Telmori. It is believed that their blood consists party of wolf blood and that their spirit looks like that of a wolf. Very seldom they are female. They are considered as real Telmori in all rituals and it is known that they are safe in Telmori lands even on wilddays and that no wolf attacks them even when hungry.

Hre-rar or cursed day is what the Telmori call wildday. Once it was blessed but since Gbaji it brings only pain and sorrow.

Hrevrr or evilbingers are the Red Men „magicians“ called. They pray and bring chaos to the world. Only in this way can they destroy righteous warriors. We fear someday they bring so much chaos that the devil returns.

Hrug or (war) spear it the primary weapon of the Telmori. It is the first weapon a Telmori gets and it is best used with strength and dexterity.

Hrug-hror-rihr or Soul-spear-ritual is the second ritual which is done by a warrior to defeat his greatest weakness. In he succeeds his spear will be awakened. Only a part of the warriors succeed and another part do not in their whole life.

Irrug is a sacred powder which is made by the Tergavi. It is used in most Telmori ceremonies and rituals. It it said that it increases strength and gives the power to be awake for a whole drog-rarr. Several other powers are known to appear more irregularly.

"Korv larign wor erg !" or "Peace can not last forever !" is a popular proverb with the Telmori. Kostajor the Unseen was the first to say it. After him many Telmori never stopped training with their weapons regardless how peacefully the times seemed.

Orrud-artud-fers or Where-Treason-died is a famous Tergavifr. It marks the victory over the tribe which tried to burn the Telmori Woods. They were annihilated in an surprising attack at the beginning of arutr and not even women were spared.

Rahrr or brides are called the female Telmori that come every arutr to mate with the King. They are hold sacred as the bearers of life and protected by every single pack member. There is no jealousy between the King and other male Telmori for everyone knows that the King is the strongest and best Telmori. Only him, his wolfbrother(s), the Tergavi and his wolfbrother(s) are normally allowed to mate with the rahrr. But exceptions are not unknown.

Ruthrr or seasons are the primary measures of time. There is arutr (winter), urutr (spring), orutr (summer) and erutr (fall). The beginning of each ruthr was marked by the blooming of the rutr a plant that is now extinct.

Ruug is what Telmori call fire. It was brought to the Telmori by Telmor who received it from an unknown friend and serves the Telmori well if used with care. There are also Telmori who live without it for they fear the destroying possibilities of it.

Rwer or stone axe is a light weapon often preferred by female warriors. It can be used either in melee or by throwing it.

Tergavifrr or Tergavi stones or rocks are holy spots to the Telmori. Many are signs of battles or remarkable events. They are shaped in the art of wolves, i.e. they are covered with blood either of victims or of important heroes. This blood stays always red. Many of this sites are protected by spirits either bound by a Tergavi or by Telmor himself.

Ussur-few or mother's wrath is what was given to the female Telmori by Yrr. It makes them so eager to protect their children that they are capable of terrible fighting. They rage like Kings and are often even more deadly. All that counts are their children and nothing else. They will do anything to ensure their childrens' survival.

Yrr is the spring goddess. She taught Telmor and his children how they could make more Telmori. She is hardly known by any male Telmori but the female ones worship her as the source of life and fertility. She is believed to be a beautiful she-wolf with black eyes and a very prominent scent of life.