Telmori Legends

The Wolf without a Pelt

Listen to this tale of magic and do not dare to interrupt.

When our forests were still young an no trouble was known to wolfkind there came the first signs of change. Winds blew more violent, the blinding disc burned more fiercely, the waters tasted no more as fresh as in the older days and the prey hid and could not be caught that easily anymore. These were the omens of a bad time to come. But though times grew harder no wolf got harmed nor sad in any way. It was just more challenging to live and many liked it that way and so they ignored the warning of the wisest of wolves, the Tergavi.

But then the first of the serious ill omens appeared. A wolf was born without any hair. First all who saw this did not believe it and asked Telmor what this was about. But they got no reply. And this was for the first time that Telmor did not answer. Suddenly all the wolves where frightened, suddenly the shadows of fear came forth from their hiding places and entangled the hearts of the wolves. And those whose hearts did not tremble in terror became heroes that night.

The Tergavi met in a secret place where no foes could find them, not even spirits, nor even gods. After they had shared all their wisdom and asked even the oldest of spiritwolves they realised that there was nothing they could do about this situation. They had mighty powers, yes, but none of them could deal with fear for fear was unknown until then. And as everyone knows new things are always hard to come by and bring fast victories.

Nonetheless they tried to cope with fear but whatever they did, they failed, yes even the bravest and even those who risked the most. When all of them were ready to submit and the end of wolfkind was near, the wolf without a pelt appeared in front of all the Tergavi. In a single night she had grown and she was strong and her eyes were full of life, yet she had no pelt, not a single hair covered her body. But nonetheless she was beautiful, nearly like Mother Yrr.

The Tergavi were most surprised by this for they thought no one could enter their gathering. But the wolf without a pelt could, she knew the right ways to pass the guardians, she knew the right signs to show them and the right words to prove that she belonged there. Even if they did not know who she was the Tergavi had to admit that she was a most powerful wolf.

In a voice clear as a lake in arutr she spoke to the assembly. „I know of your sorrows and your fears. I have seen into all the wolfish souls on this night and from each fearful thought I grew stronger. I am the gift given to you by your Mother and I will lead you in this times of dire need.“

And so it was done, the wolf without a pelt, was a great blessing to all the tribes of Telmor. Where fear reigned before confidence and happiness came back and the dark shadows of fear again crept back to their hiding places. The wolves grew more and more content and they thought that this would be so forever. And one day Telmor returned and he answered and helped his children again. These times we Telmori called the trice blessed for Telmor, Yrr and the wolf without a pelt were with us. No one was happier than us.

The wolf without a pelt was such beloved by the plants and beast of the Telmori lands that they bowed before her when she passed. A place inside the Telmori woods is known as the Broken Trees, this is where she once stopped and the trees loved her so much that they tried to bow the most, sadly they broke while trying and the wolf without a pelt wept over this. And when her tears fell on the ground new stronger trees grew with the souls of the old. Such was her nature.

The time of peace and happiness went on for a whole generation. But then when all was perfect again the wolf without a pelt invited all the beast and plants of Telmori lands to a great feast. It took place in the middle of Telmor's Forest.

The feast was like nothing seen before. There were things to eat and drinks unknown, distant friends were there and the mood was so peaceful like after a very good Heturavi. It was like a dream and it was like nothing you can see these days.

At the peak of it the wolf without a pelt spoke to the assembled crowd. „For a whole generation I have been with you. You are the folk I love and which I live for, yet it is time for me to part. But I leave not without giving you the gift once given to me by your Mother. May it bless you as it has me.“ Then she touched the souls of everyone present with her magic.

While doing this tears ran from every wolf's eyes, sadness appeared in the midst of them, all loving her started to scream their love for her out loud. They did not want her to go. They stood beneath her speaking tower and even the blinding disc stopped for a moment to mourn her passing. The crowd cried bitterly, no mourning ceremony was so intense since or before. But regardless of all our tears or love she left. She had to. And a part of out hearts went with her.

But she left us something which always reminds us of her. She left us the gift of the heart. Love is stronger than fear and ever will and when love is in your heart there is no place for fear left.