Train with the Warriors

The Victory over the Red Men

Let me introduce you to our noble warriors. The tattoos they wear show their status as warriors. I have two myself while my uncle has five. Our best warrior has eleven. This signs make us stronger and better warriors. Tonight you will have the honour to hear a tale of how we Telmori defeated the Red Men when they first tried to enter our forests. The story is told by Neverweak a warrior with eight tatoos and his brother Darkeyes, I will translate it for you.

It was after our 25th winter when the Red Men arrived. We had already heard of their coming long before and knew their evil magic and their false belief in the Deceiver so we were forewarned. After they won that big battle at Runegate town using evil chaos we stopped to believe their lies about peace which their goddess should grant.

Chaos knows no peace it only knows chaos. Thus we killed every of their preachers who dared to enter our woods trying to spread their bad teachings. After a while we had our peace. But peace cannot be eternal especially if chaos is near. Thus one day some hundred red soldiers came to fight us in order to make us accept their goddess. Many of them had poison metal for weapons and all had armour some even rode horses. But our Tergavi warned us of their sinister magic which could destroy many good wolves. As support he gave us each a protective spirit and he had prayed all night to Telmor that he may grant us even more strength than usual. Since we had not known their exact strength we awaited them inside our forest and planned to surprise them with an ambush from all sides. Then we would slaughter them like lambs.

The first encounter was terrible. Spirits and demons appeared from out of nothing and started to attack us. Many of our good protective spirits died to halt them and we used much of our power to kill them all. But in the end no one was more than lightly wounded. Now we could see them slowly approaching, we were sure they could feel our presence, too.

And suddenly we all began the prayers to Telmor aloud. You should have seen the faces of the Red Men this day, their was terror in their eyes, terror which caused us to chant even louder. It was a crescendo and within a few heartbeats we were wolves gifted with Telmor's strength and his protection. From every side dozens of us stormed towards the frightened foe who tried to organise a defense.

I do not remember much of the battle because my rage consumed all of my senses but I recall that a red bastard hit me with his fiery sword and destroyed one of my tatoos which could never be used again. But Darkeyes snapped his arm and I could strike him down. We fought like immortals, we killed all the men there were and still we could have killed more just that there were no more. When I woke up from the frenzy I saw only heaps of dead. No one had survived and they were over five hundred, we were just half of them.

After this there were three years of peace until
…but this is another story.