Train with the Warriors

The two Teachers

Hear the tale of our two teachers. Both of them march with us to battle and both of them are with us when we triumph or fail. Do not dare to interrupt or you die this night.

Masters of Weapons and Cunning are our two immortal teachers in the arts of war. Though they have names, they are known only to the greatest of warriors who are worthy of being taught by the two personally. I feel I will never have this honour for I have never heard their call in battle.

After the young Telmori has gained his hrug he has still much to learn. It would be a terrible mistake to let him learn the most important of skills alone without any help. Thus the young one begins his way as a warrior not without company.

The Tergavi takes the young Telmori who has nothing but his hrug into the deep forbidden parts of the forest, where the stones are covered with blood and the spirits cry out their wisdom. There already one of the teachers await. The Tergavi shares the secret omen of the wolf's birth with the teacher. This is needed so that the teacher can decide what lessons will be best for the Telmori. The Tergavi leaves here and will only come back at the end of the lessons when the Telmori has made his first bite.

After the Tergavi has left the teacher summons great warriors of the Telmori to his side. There you can see Ferrud, Trev and more of the famous ones. Each of them passes a secret of the hrug to the Telmori and each gives him a lesson that he should understand quickly. This part ends not before all warriors have tested the Telmori if he understood. The last to teach him is the teacher himself. This is either the Master of Weapons or Cunning. He always reveals a trick to the Telmori which will serve him best in his whole life. This is the gift of the teacher. It is not allowed to rest or to eat during this lessons and it is said that this part takes as long as a full night and a full day.

When King Kostajor was shown the secrets there were 98 different warriors and he could name the half of them. It took him a whole week to learn all the lessons, all without sleep or something to eat.

As the teacher has given his gift to the Telmori, the warriors vanish and sleep can be found at the sacred fields of glory. The next teacher awaits in the morning.

The other teacher awaits the young Telmori in the morning. He will do the best to test again if he has learned his lessons well. The price of failure is a quick death and eternal shame. This teacher is often the Master of Cunning. He does all to make sure the young Telmori behaves against what he has learned and if he does he is doomed. To be defeated by this teacher is by no means a failure but to go against the what one has learned is. Never was this teacher defeated by a young Telmori, not even King Kostajor succeeded, it was „just“ a draw.

When finally the last of the lessons been tested the teacher disappears and the young Telmori, often wounded and near death may lay down.

When he awakes in the morning the Tergavi is sitting at his side, his wounds are closing and will become scars of honour. He will never forget about the lessons learned on the passed nights.

Now he is a warrior, with a magic spear, cunning, his wolfbrother and the knowledge of many Telmori warriors. He will try to take as much as he can from these nights, for his and his pack's sake.