The Tergavi speaks

The Power of Bloodfur

Shut up, humans. Listen to me the mighty Tergavi Blood-in-his-eyes. Do not dare to interrupt or you and your spirit will never leave these woods.

I ask Bloodfur to come to me and feed my tongue with power, I ask the dead to share in our meeting and bless it and I ask Telmor to make my thoughts clear and my story true. You dead, hear my trembling voice and come to this place of power. Come riding on the wind, dancing on the fire and take your honoured seats.

It all began when we were still young to these lands. We Telmori were fought with so much passion that some of us got frightened and asked themselves if it was right to take this land. Well, the true Telmori never asked this they fought and sometimes died but they always knew that it was right what we did for the spirits and the dead told us so.

In these hard times a wolf was born and from the beginning he was something special. When he entered the world from his mother's womb his fur was covered by thick blood, not the usual one. The Tergavi who was present told everyone that this was a strong omen and all agreed. The wolf was named Bloodfur and soon he was known everywhere.

Bloodfur was a very promising wolfrunner, yes he even frightened some of his teachers for he was so bloodthirsty that he always wanted to fight when no fights were allowed and then not for a just cause but for fun and the thrill. He often went out of our lands and brought human victims with him who he captured.

One such was a King of the humans and he was said to be the mightiest warrior of the humans. It was natural for Bloodfur that he wanted to fight and gut him. Indeed on one day he was lucky to find this famed warrior.

He sneaked on his four legs and frightened his horse until it dropped the King, then Bloodfur stood up and faced him. Bloodfur was armed with his hrug and was covered by Telmor's skin while the King had a poison metal sword which could bite terribly and poison metal he wore as armour. It was no easy fight, for the first time the passion of Bloodfur was diminished by his fear of dying. The King really seamed to be the best warrior, whatever Bloodfur did the King knew it before and soon Telmor's skin was not enough to protect him.

Wound by wound Bloodfur grew more and more tired while the King laughed in the Telmori's face. As Bloodfurs fur was soaked again in his own blood and he nearly was exhausted to death a boost of power ran through his veins, it was so mighty that for a moment Bloodfur was no longer in this world and his body took a fatal wound. It would have been fatal to all but somehow it was not to him on this day. Somehow he had more power than he ever had before, he did not know where it came from but he knew how to use it. Within moments he was upon the King who was too surprised to react properly. Finally his sword fell and with it his life was gone. But Bloodfur was so invigorated that he lifted the King's body and took it with him to his home.

On his way a spirit appeared before him which was the spirit of power. It told him secrets which must not be known to anyone else but Tergavi and Kings and thus I will not tell them to you. All I say is that if you knew them your puny hearts would stop beating out of fear of what we really do and are. When Bloodfur came back he told every friend what he has done and then all of them shared the power of the King and his spirit was imprisoned and made a slave.

On that night they began a new pack, the Bloodfurs, and you can recognise them easily because each of them has their fur soaked in blood, either their own or that of his enemies.

Bloodfur was a mighty warrior, he outdid all he met, and he was a brave and just king and killed all his enemies were they Telmori or not, and he was a blessed wolf for he had many sons and daughters, and he was a terror to all the humans living nearby.

Often his packs would sneak to steal the dead from their graves and then they would share their power and made the spirit a slave. This is the power of Bloodfur, fear it.