Train with the Warriors

The merciless Bloodfurs

Covered with blood is my fur and covered with blood are my foes. Listen and learn why we are called the merciless Bloodfurs.

When the red disc is full we prepare for the night. Each of these nights is a feast for us warriors. Each of these nights is horror to our human neighbours. In each of these nights Bloodfur is with us. I will tell you what we do in each of these nights.

First we share a moment with our dead inside the holy groves where the spiritwolves howl day and night and where the Kings sleep eternally. They remind us of what makes us great and they tell the old stories of war of our fathers and fathers' fathers. Then each of us departs with his wolfbrother only. Both sing the sacred songs and call for the spirit of power to fill them. It always appears as a slim line of blood on the ground growing bigger and bigger. As the song ends the spirit of power leaves a piece of itself in each of us. Thus we are prepared for the most difficult part - the call to Bloodfur.

The Tergavi must be pure and clean, the warrior must be obsessed with battle, his fur must be cover by either his own blood or that of a fresh victim. If all of the warriors participate truly Bloodfur will come to us and his spirit will watch over us in this night, helping us to side-step the traps set for us by the humans. As the blinding disc slowly descends our hearts and bodies are filled with strength and power. We feel them running through our veins. As the light dies a soft golden glow fills our eyes, our fur is growing, our hrugs turn to our claws, and we become one with Telmor, our father. When the last glimpse of the glow disappears where it came from you can see our fur turning red if Bloodfur is with us. This is when we are finally prepared.

It takes some time till we reach the lands of the humans. Nowadays you will not find any humans easily there. They have learned from the past.

Oh, I still remember the days when blood was easy and the silly humans tried to set traps or ambush us. Of course we have heard and smelled them long before they could see us. But they believed that their wind magic could fool us. It was Wind-braker the Tergavi who first found out that very fresh wind which smell of storm are a sign for those people of Orlanth nearby. Since then no wolf was fooled by any wind again.

Finally the spirit of Bloodfur leads us to a victim. Often this is a lonely traveller, sometimes one of the ugly monster men. These are most easy to kill for they never have poison metal because they fear it as we do and so it is only their magic which can cut Telmor's skin. But their magic is not evil enough and so their thick black blood wets the floor and each of us gets a big part of his power.

The eyes and as many bones as possible we take with us. The Tergavi will use them to imprison the spirit and to make the drinks and the charms of power. It is a honour to give the victim's skull to the Tergavi and only the warrior who killed the victim is allowed to do this. Often he is highly rewarded for it because with the skull the Tergavi can make spirit traps or wardens.

If we have shared the power we return to our lands, full of strength. Scars gained on such days make especially powerful tattoos. Then we feast long into the night and awake in the morning with our back wet of blood and the taste of power in our mouths. We do never show mercy, not to women, not to children, not even to heroes. We are the merciless Bloodfur and we are the most feared packs of the Telmori.

In the whole history of our packs only two victim have escaped. One was a wind walker who broke the back of Bloodfur and the other killed seven best wolfrunners of our packs. We curse the two each day.

If only we could find their graves and steal their bones.