What no Scholar knows

The Magic of the Seven

Rrrrrrrrrr ! Shut up ! This is a story filled with magic so do not interrupt again !

This is one of the deepest secrets of our Tergavi. When we Telmori curse or bless something or someone we always invoke the power of the seven. Well those of you who are not here for the first time may have noticed that in some of the stories the seven appears. This is because the seven were brothers to Telmor and came before anything else. Yet not even Telmor knows who their mother or their father was but regardless of this fact the seven serve him without asking for payment.

The seven are invisible and cannot be heard either, yet their presence can be felt. They always act together and either all of them help us or none. Of the seven we know of five. The first of them is neither living nor dead. The second is neither male nor female. The third is neither light nor dark. The forth is neither cold nor warm. And the fifth is neither good nor evil. The other two are too mysterious that we could know of them anything else than that they are the most powerful ones and have terrible powers second only to Telmor.

Now when we curse someone we use a term that contains the number seven. In this way the seven are invoked and make sure that the curse will work and be terrible. It will last until the seven decide that it should stop, always a blessing for us Telmori. We honour them in the Heturavi most but also in our daily life.

I remember once that I felt the presence of the seven when we hunted a murderer of our pack. All of us got those frenzy in their eyes and we needed no sleep and no food until we tracked him down. This was the presence of the seven and I feel it always when I invoke the magic of us wolf people.

So watch out visitor next time when someone curses you in the name of the seven, it may be the last words you hear.