The Forest explained

so what is this all about ?

Telmori (a name derived from their god Telmor) are the wonderful wolf people of the fantasy world Glorantha®. Primary their race is divided into two parts. The first one are the wolves. These are wolves like those you know from the zoo though they are smarter and have more strength and size. The second part are the wolf people. These are also wolves, but they have a body like ordinary humans though the souls of wolves.

Every Telmori has a wolfbrother, a wolf that is strongly bound to himself. The Telmori treat their wolfbrothers like you would do with a brother, they even do not distinguish between humans and wolves but are both called wolves. They hunt always together and often the brother of a dead Telmori cannot bear the loss of his friend and dies out of grief. The reverse is true aswell.

They were once a happy folk and ran the hills and forests of the world but this time has passed. Now since they were cursed several centuries ago by an evil god they are often regarded as evil, vile, brutal and chaotic (which is about the worst one can be). Though they have many foes on each side of any war they primary want peace and freedom. For this they fight and often leave their lives against foes who do everything to wipe them out (Yes, they use even chaos!).

So join Bloodtooth and Silkeyes, two Telmori who are ready to show you the truth about their race. As the sun goes down we will be guests in Telmori's Forest.

This homepage is dedicated to this wonderful race. Its aim is to offer everyone the possibility to enjoy the Telmori culture through stories and myths.

I hope you will have fun,

Telmori Thomas