Telmori Legends

The first Unity

This is an ancient tale of times long passed. This is a tale of the first unity when jealousy reigned and we Telmori were slaughtered to nearly the last cub. This is a tale of our High King Telmor, of how he saved us all through a sacrifice. This is a tale of our mother Yrr and this is a tale of woe and joy, so don't speak just listen and dare not to interrupt.

It was the time when our tribe was smallest. We fought against different foes in different forests and though we won many battles we also lost some for not even a wolf can always win. And after a while so many of us were gone that Telmor alone could not create enough Telmori to compensate the lost ones. Thus our tribe became smaller and smaller and for Telmor is and was a loving King he thought night and day how he could cure this.

Then one day he encountered Yrr, she was lying in a grove and was asleep. He sneaked there and watched her sleeping until she woke. When her eyes opened she saw Telmor looking at her. At this moment magic passed from Telmor to Yrr and from Yrr to Telmor and both felt sympathy for the other. Telmor felt the strong scent of life of Yrr and Yrr felt that Telmor was somehow troubled so she asked him what was on his mind in this lovely moment. And Telmor told his story…

He told the whole story leaving out nothing and it took him two seasons to finish. And after Yrr has heard this she began to cry and she did not finish before a lake of her own tears appeared at the grove. After that she promised to help Telmor to rescue his children for she knew a way how this could be done. It was called mating and she had learned this art from a wandering creature which had the eyes of an eagle, the tail of a wolf, the face of a lynx, the body of a horse and wings of a griffin. And she would show Telmor and his children this art for in that way more Telmori could be made.

It was a long struggle, seven seasons had passed until Telmor knew enough to mate with Yrr for the first time. Seven seasons full of training and hope, hope for the rescue of his children, us the Telmori. But after this time all that was needed to know Telmor knew and all that was needed to be done Telmor had done and all that was to prepare was prepared. And Telmor and Yrr met in the grove again where her lake of bitter tears still was and where it was forbidden to bathe for else the sadness would drown you. There Telmor and Yrr met and it was like the first time when magic had touched both of them.

And here for the fist time Telmor tested his new knowledge and though it was hard first to mate with Yrr for she was a very lively goddess and tried to hide and run from him and to play tricks on him and one time Telmor even might had fallen into her lake of bitter tears and drowned he cought her for she let him and his and her souls were united for the first time. And though it took Telmor seven seasons to learn this things he felt that it was worth the whole time and that he would never regret it.

And after a whole season of mating, for Yrr and Telmor were that strong, they fell both asleep in the grove and when Telmor woke seven young wolf cups where lying between him and Yrr, six were male like Telmor and one was female like Yrr. And for another season Telmor helped Yrr to care for their children.

After that Telmor and Yrr and the new Telmori went back to our High King's forest where Yrr and our King began to teach us all the art of mating.