Train with the Warriors

The Female Warriors

Do you smell it already ? Yes, this is a very prominent scent of life. Look how beautiful she is, standing there with her silver fur around her neck and this sharp teeth. She is one of the rahrr, the brides for our Tergavi or our King. When I smell her I wish I was King. Tonight you are to hear the sweet voice of Nighthowl, right by her side is her wolfsister Bloodpaw, ever ready to defend her sister. So be silent or you will be silenced as long as she and I talk.

Not many of you humans know of us the female Telmori. Even less have seen us. Only when the arutr begins we travel to each of the packs and mate with the Kings and Tergavi. And thus bring new life when we dance the Heturavi together and give birth to new Telmori. But I am not here to tell of life or peace or even mating. I have come to tell of a dark time when we female Telmori were forced to take arms the first time and only this has saved our tribe from extinction.

A long time ago when we lived happily with Telmor in his forest and mating was still young and there were male, female as well as old wolves who had not decided yet, peace reigned everywhere. We had nothing else to do than hunt, sleep or play the whole day long. So we were a happy pack. It seemed like this could continue forever, a neverending life of joy and peace.

But suddenly things changed, the sky turned light regardless if day or night, the water black, the meat bitter and the times unpleasant. Many Telmori complained about it and one day even our King who was always joyous and peaceful began to mourn. Thus we Telmori asked our King what was it that turned all forests sad and the times so unpleasent. He answered that it was a mighty foe, it was something till then unknown and it was something that evil gods invented to destroy not only all forest but the whole world for their hatred was so great that they would kill all including themselves to destroy peace and joy everywhere.

The new foe was called jealousy and since it was new it was tougher than all previous. It turned former friends to bitter enemies and often whole kingdoms fought over something which was useless like a little stone. The more someone had the more jealous would he be of someone who had even more. This foe was especially successful with you humans and many of you died in battles. Well, you think that we Telmori could just ignore it and be happy as in old days. But this was not possible for no one cannot be happy when there is not peace and joy everywhere.

The humans grew even more jealous, first only a few fought then whole kingdoms fought agains each other but at last all humans were fighting and they fought so much that the sun turned even more pale than it does in arutr. Most of the humans stopped to fight and went home. Now you think it was over and jealousy lost at last but this is not true for jealousy is a wicked thing and the more one waits the more it grows. Thus after many seasons new battles broke out, much harder and more violent this time.

This time it was no longer humans against humans but humans againt Telmori as well. Now, do not ask me why they attacked us and what they wanted from us for we had nothing more than what we have now. But I feel that you humans never need a reason to do things you have done and thus we were attacked by whole kingdoms of jealous people.

First we Telmori thought that it would be no problem to defeat those humans since we had Fer, our spears our Kings and Telmor with us and things like poison metal ware still unknown. But although we Telmori killed more than ten times as many humans than Telmori were killed, our tribe grew smaller and smaller. One arutr there were not enough Kings to mate with us rahrr for so many had died already. So Telmor himself no longer mated with Yrr but took every she-wolf that time himself. After the Heturavi, we were still helping our children in the middle of High King Telmor's forest, a major attack from the humans destroyed nearly every good Telmori regardless if warrior, King or Tergavi, only a few remained to protect us. But Yrr, our mother, saw this and for she is gentle and benevolent she gave us something we call Ussar-few or Mother's wrath. In our mouths grew many sharp teeth, our paws became clawed and our ferocity grew more and more. Protected with our father's skin and weaponed by our mother we awaited the humans.

And they came in masses for every Telmori you could count more than twenty humans. They attack with a glance of victory in there eyes. They marched to kill us and our children and to end the lives of all Telmori forever. But they never though that they would lose. We the mothers were so enraged by this threat towards our children that it did not matter that day if there were five, ten, twenty or even hundred to kill to survive. We took all of our power and fought until the forest was filled with so much blood that the first started to drown in it. Many of us did not survive but no humans did either and not even one of the little wolves was harmed. Thus we used Fer to save our lives and so it is even today.

This is the Ussar-few, the Mother's wrath and everyone who wants to harm our children should feel it upon him.