What no Scholar knows

The female Telmori

Tonight we have something very special for you scholars. One of the rahrr is going to tell you of her life. This is something even some male Telmori do not know and you should be thankful for learning this. Now be quiet and do not interrupt her nor me.

Though most of the female Telmori have the same tasks as the male ones some of us are chosen to be something else. These chosen ones are called rahrr and we are the brides for our Tergavi and Kings. We are not part of some packs but we have our own pack – The female Pack.

In this pack there are only rahrr and we have the best part of the forest for us - the middle surrounded by all the other packs, protected by them.

The whole seasons we are only to practice mating nothing else. On every wildday Telmor and Yrr descend to us and show us how it is done and what is important to make new Telmori. Many of us practice this for many seasons until our deza says we are ready to mate with a Telmori. We all look forward to this for there is nothing more important for us than having many healthy cubs. Thus we practice the mating rituals day and night and some are so eager that they do not sleep before the arutr but pray to Telmor and Yrr to give them strength and make their mating going well.

Then comes the first snow the beginning of arutr and all who are ready are sent by the deza to their packs to mate with Kings, Tergavi and all who have a strong scent of life. But the deza will mate only with Telmor himself and bear many new sisters and brothers. We the rahrr go to seek out our husbands and follow them into the groves where the spiritwolves howl with passion. Their we mate with them protected by the spirits.

The day after we rahrr go to the packs of our husband and live with them protected by all regardless if warrior, Tergavi, King or young wolf. They would all give their lifes for us and for this we love them and gift them with many brothers and sisters.

We live with them for two seasons after which we dance the Heturavi together and celebrate the beginning of urutr. This is a great feast for all of us since many packs unite and we can see many long unseen friends and relatives for we are a great family united in Telmor. After some days we give birth to many new sisters and brothers. This is done not in privacy but in public, every Telmori is invited to see the birth of their new sisters and brothers. Each newborn wolf is celebrated as a King and a great feast takes place when the last rahr gave birth. The Tergavi and King blesses all the wolves that were born and it is him who askes Telmor which females should become rahrr and which are not to join the female Pack and stay with the males.

I must admit that I sometimes pitty those females that became protectors and have never felt the joy of life growing in oneself or the pleasure of mating. But it was decided by Telmor and Telmor knows always what is best for his children.