What no Scholar knows

The Dark Paw packs

I am Irk, the Deadly and will tell you of my packs. Listen and do not spoil the magic of the story.

Many good wolves live within the Dark Paw lands. As our lands border the lands of the human Torkani there is much violence and many of us are warriors despite our love for peace. Since we must fight for our survival day by day many renowned wolfrunners come from our packs.

Of course the most well known was Dark Paw himself and his eight friends. But who can forget Fres Windskiller who was so magical he could kill even winds, Borrk Skyfallen who was such a good warrior that even Deza came to his side or Drak Shadowfear who had a fearless shadow which would fight on his side ?

But you ask what does make us different from the other packs. I will tell you, just listen.

First, it is easy to recognise one of the Dark Paws for each of us has the mark of dark paw on his right cheek. But if you see Dark Paw's mark already it might be too late for you because most of our warriors do not like to see humans inside our territory. They will snuff them out and kill them one by one, them even not seeing us before their last moments. So make sure to visit only when you are invited and never when the red disk is full.

Our part of the hills is far darker and cooler than these of the other packs. Snow will fall more regularly here and stay longest. This is because many of our dark friends live here. We have the greatest part of gtref-agr or the cold path wolves. We do not like Ruug as much as the other packs. Some of us even hate it especially those who wandered Dark Paw's paths a lot. Our dark friend do not like it, neither. There is even one spot where most of our own packs do not go to. This is where our dark friends have their holy ground. I have heard only rumours about it and that it is especially dangerous to go near it when snow has fallen.

We Dark Paw are especially active in arutr. We like it when cold winds blow and every tree top is covered in snow, it is then that our senses are keenest. It is also then that our friends visit us and we feast together but they leave before the Heturavi draws near. That is why we are most passive during orutr. Many of our friend leave when orutr begins and come back after it. We have a small feast when our dark friends come back and on this nights many humans are slaughtered. I remember such a night when most of our warriors and our dark friends had gone to hunt for humans. I had been still a young cub then and my uncle took me with him. We had run through the hills and we had been keen for human blood but all we had found was a small herd of those white, fluffy and tasty dogs. This had been my first hunt and the first time I had killed. The scent of bloody flesh brings still these memories back after so many years. Rrrrr. Rrrrrrrr. RRRR. RRRRRRRRR.

Yes, we Dark Paws are great hunters. Dark Paw gives us the stealth we need even if the night is full of light. Our rwerr always glow with his magic when we go to battle. Thanks to our dark friends and Dark Paw's gift of fear most of our enemies do not stand long. Dark Paw's magic also protects us from the terrible ice storms which sometimes might freeze the hills and the rivers so they are hard like stone. He showed us how we can survive and how we can call more of them so the humans will stay at home all arutr.

Sometimes when the terrible darkness tribe makes it into our territory and want to kill us and eat everything we have our dark friends will tell them they should go somewhere else. But this does not happen often and sometimes even then the darkness monsters will eat some of us before they are hunted down by the bravest wolfrunners.

This is what Dark Paw gives us and before I end my tale I will tell you what his eight friend give us.

Gher called the Loyal gave us his aid in each battle. I can summon him and his spirit will come and inspire our warriors.

Hort called the Mighty makes us tough in battle. Some say he could even bite through poison metal.

Garra called the Protectress comes every Heturavi and makes sure that all new cubs are healthy and strong.

Lhor called the Swift will show you the gift of seven legs if he visits you in dreams.

Trewdar called the Peaceful is always with us when we meet other packs. He makes sure everything goes well.

Kligrir called the Voice visits only the mighty and grants them the power to inspire and make fine speeches.

Jorr called the Wise often visits the Kings before important decisions. He always comes on a secret scent.

Arred called the Source only visits the gifted. Those touched by him will become heroes of the Dark Paw.

These are the Dark Paws fear them. And never forget that our shadows are our friends.