The Tergavi speaks

Spirits and Magic of the Dark Paws

Welcome to this beautiful night; the sky is filled with shadows and the red disk is dying, if it would only die for the last time. I am called Irk, both my friends and my foes know me as the Deadly. I am the Tergavi of the Dark Paw packs. Iit is indeed the Dark Paw which makes my magic great. But without Telmor I would be nothing of course. Listen and dare not to interrupt unless you want to know why I am called the Deadly.

Dark Paw was a mighty wolfrunner. He gained much power when he struggled upon the immortal fields against Gbaji and his minions. He gained much wisdom there, too. There for the first time he encountered the deepest sadness. This was when his deza was wounded and no Telmori magic could cure the wound. Even the magic of our friend was not powerful enough to cure what Gbaji had done. Thus she was doomed to die slowly and painfully if Dark Paw would not give her the gift of Fer quickly. It was here that his heart was nearly broken but his deza told him no to be sad for she had a glorious life even if it had not been too long. Then as tears ran from his eyes he opened his mouth and with his eyeteeth at her throat he send her on the final journey. On this day Dark Paw swore an oath so mighty that even Telmor was taken and gave his blessing. Dark Paw vowed that he would not leave the fields of glory until his deza would come back from her journey. Thus Dark Paw alone remained on the fields of glory sitting beneath his deza's body awaiting her spirit to come back. Even when all the Gbaji sons charged and no one of the Telmori was left he did not move. Not even did he turn his look from his lover's face when a cry, so mighty and loud, that it would have deafened all mortals on the fields beside that there was no one mortal left, was heard. Dark Paw was quickly killed, offering no resistance. Though his body was torn to pieces his spirit remained there on the field. He sits there still and awaits his deza's spirit to return. You might visit him if you are lucky, one day.

Dark Paw is our ancestor, my deadly magic comes from him and often he visits me in dreams. He then speaks of his deza and of the fields of glory. Look at the two stones which I carry in my pouch. They are gleaming with Dark Paw's power. Have you seen my Hrug already ? Dark Paw blessed it when he visited me once. Just take a look at this rwer. It's blade is so sharp that it cuts even poison metal. You think this is already my whole magic ? Never !

More than seven spirits shield me from every evil spell, they are the companions of Dark Paw. They help me a lot always. Sometimes they inspire me to do the things the old way, when wolf magic was strongest. Then all our warriors are even more ferocious and deadly. But most often they tell me what is right and what is not and they lend me their power to do the right things. I bow before Dark Paw who had so mighty companions and thank him that they are my guardians now.

Sometimes they tell me of long lost magic, which is always beneficial for us wolves. Last time they told me how to make ora grow much faster. The next Heturavi we had many healthy cups. I thank Dark Paw and his companions.

But I can do even more. I can inspire fear in every man but the most evil. I know of secrets of the other darkness which Dark Paw wandered in his youth. I can command mighty shadows and call forth wolf demons so terrible that even poison metal cannot kill them. And when all this fails I can call on Dark Paw himself. I can chant the song of sadness and he will come like lightning of the Storm tribe to fill the hearts of our warriors with bravery and make them vigorous and stout. This all I can do, now you know why I am called the Deadly.