Train with the Warriors

Seven immortal Warriors

Listen to Kills-with-pleasure a noble warrior from the distant land of Dorastor. He will tell you of the Immortal Warriors, a chosen group of wolfrunners who live eternally. Do not dare to interrupt him nor me.

This tale is older than Time and so are the Immortal Warriors. When peace was unknown, when we Telmori suffered most, when the beasts devoured our lands and our ancestors, when the winds were ill and the rain bitter, when frost and the other darkness were most powerful, when the world nearly ended, they came. Seven mighty warriors each different but all the same. Six were of Telmor's kind and one of Yrr's. And all of them had weapons unknown to us before. And this is what they are and what they did :

First came Hope-to-all. She was a fair wolf second only to Yrr herself. She carried the weapon of hope with her. And her voice was purest magic for a single word would turn a broken wolf into one with hope. Her eyes were made of pure starlight and not even the other darkness could darken them. Now she lives with her mother again but can be summoned in times when we lose hope again.

Second came Giver-of-strength. He was a crippled wolf, his right arm was missing. He had to sacrifice it during his journey to reach us. But he was not sad therefore because Telmor granted him more then enough strength in his remaining arm. He spoke to all the crippled and injured that if they just believed Telmor would grant them more then what they had lost. Every single Telmori did else we would not be here anymore. Now Giver-of-strength is gone to his home inside Telmor's forest but we can summon him if we ever lose strength again.

Third came Knower-of-weaknesses. He was a dark, yes nearly darker than night, wolf. But most prominent was his nose and his magic. He could smell the weakness of every Telmori in his reach. As soon as he found out the weakness he would use them to terrify his victims until they realised that by overcoming their weaknesses and fears they would become warriors again. Now he lives everywhere where fears are known and he is there to make us overcome them.

Forth came Invokes-passion. He had the tongue of his father Telmor and could inspire people to release the power of their wolven hearts. He wandered the lands not only of the Telmori and inspired all to reply each small attack of the forces of evil even when it seemed senseless. After he wandered all the known lands and even some unknown the wolves fought with a passion unknown until then. Now he runs the hills around Telmor's forest and inspires all warriors who visit him by Dezak's path.

Fifth came Knows-the-enemy. He was a wolf which could not fight nor could he do mighty magic, or so we thought. But he was the Immortal Warrior which was most important for without him all would be lost. During his long journeys he had to sacrifice his whole strength and his whole power to be able to learn of the ways of our enemies. He needed a long time to tell all the things he knows but in the end we Telmori knew who or what the enemies were. We know of him only that after he told us his lore he wandered on to learn even more. From then on no one ever encountered him again.

Sixth came Dances-with-power. His body was covered with all the tattoos which were ever made by a Tergavi. He was the mightiest Tergavi ever known. He could summon hordes of spiritwolves with his voice alone. Inside the forest the land responded to his commands. He had that much power that only the purest of the Telmori could see him and none of the enemies could. But he divided his might among us Telmori giving everyone a bit of it. Now he lives in all Telmori hearts, he is the source of our inner magic.

Seventh came Triumphed-over-Fer. He was the most skillful warrior. He outdid every warrior, Tergavi and every King. When there was no challenge for him in this world he travelled beyond. He returned with the knowledge how the forces of chaos could be overcome. This he taught to every Telmori who would listen and all did for this was our only chance. Seven times did Fer come for him and all seven times he fought it back but the eighth time it was just a draw and Fer took him. But Fer was so taken with him that he is now Fer's first guardian. Thus he is still our source of the deadly skills.

These are the seven Immortal Warriors, we thank them for our survival and will never forget what they did for our ancestors as well as for us.