Train with the Warriors

Scouts of the Telmori

Do you see the one with eight tattoos ? He is the leader of our scouts and he will tell the story tonight. His name is Sevenpaws for he is as fast as if he would have seven not only four and his wolfbrother is called Poisonfang for he is very deadly. I am to translate for you and you are to listen without interrupting me or them.

You certainly never saw a Telmori scout before in your life and you will never see one if he does not want you to see him.

What is most important for a scout ? Speed, strength or sight ? Nothing! Invisibility to his enemies is what counts. When do you need your speed, only if you have to flee. When do you need your strength, only if you are caught. When do you need your sight, only if your scent fails. Only two things are important for a Telmori scout. They are his stealth skills first, for without them he would not survive long enough, and his scent ability second for without them he would have no advantage over his foes.

While I have heard of many people who sell things to camouflage your scent I always laugh if people use them and then enter our woods. This things work perhaps with dogs but not with us Telmori. Why certain things can fool our wolfbrothers and others fool us two-legged Telmori, nothing fools both of us at the same time. That is why all the stories about human warriors who walk our territory without being noticed are lies. We notice everyone who enters our woods though it may be that we let him live as long as he does nothing to provoke our wrath.

When a young Telmori and his wolfbrother show good hunting skills they are invited to join the scouts. For it is a great honour to receive such an invitation many choose this path but some prefer to stay and do what they used to do. Those who come have to pass certain tests and if they pass them all, they are received as new members to the Telmori scouts.

The first thing to be tested is the Telmori's scent ability. And that's the ways it is done :

On a morning the Telmori and his wolfbrother are brought to a unknown part of the woods which can be crossed seven times before the blinding disc sinks. Then seven Telmori scouts are chosen by the Tergavi or the King to compete against him. Every one gets a coloured ribbon which he binds his hair with. And then they set off to the same area where the candidate is. They hide there until the night falls and then all return to the Tergavi. Then the candidate is asked what colour each of the competitors wore. He reports all colours that he could find out. Usually he will know less than four for the first time which is needed to pass this test, if so he is allowed to try the test the next time it is held. It shows a lack of honour when a candidate names a colour which was not even part of the contest. For such a deed he is not allowed to try the test again for seven seasons.

If this test was passed a little feast is celebrated and the candidate is sent to the testing place on the next morning with his wolfbrother. When the blinding disc is highest three scouts set out to follow and find him. If they succeed before night the candidate did not make it and is allowed to try this test the next time again. The scouts must not only find him but must catch him and bring him before the Tergavi or the King. If the candidate is not cought until nightfall his has passed the final test and is admitted to the Telmori scouts.

Now he and his wolfbrother will learn how to use their skills to the fullest to help the Telmori survive in this tense times. After many seasons maybe he will be the one who tests new candidates.

This is the story of us the scouts. Keep it in your eyes, humans !