Train with the Warriors

Sacred Weapons of the Telmori

Tonight you will be listening to Faster-than-Fer a Telmori wolfrunner with nine tattoos. He is the most respected warrior of the Dark Paw packs. He will tell you of the three weapons which a Telmori King may wield. If you dare to interrupt him or me do not expect to live long.

I have once seen our good King Kostajor wielding the Staff of Ancestors. Most Telmori forests have such a staff. The first Tergavi in a forest cuts a staff from holy wood. Then he bids Telmor to bless it and he invites spirit wolves to live within it. Every Tergavi tries to make the staff more powerful by adding blessings to it as long as he lives. But though Tergavi are to guard and improve the staff it rarely serves as a tool for them. It is made for the King and the dezaker of the tribes and grants great power.

King Kostajor the Unseen spoke to me after he had held the staff. He told that while he was holding it all the Tergavi who added powers to it and all the spirit wolves living in it spoke to his spirit at once. First he did not understand anything but after a while the voices united asking him questions about the future and about the past testing him if he is the rightful bearer of the Staff of Ancestors. He felt that if he was not, his soul would be devoured by the spirits of this staff. After all the questions were answered he felt his spirit leaving his body but did not try to resist. Suddenly he saw his body standing before him many times larger using the power of the staff to the fullest. Though he wanted to stop it he could not. He was no longer master of his own body and he could do nothing by wait for the spirit to leave his body. After a while the spirit left his body and he regained control. King Kostajor said that this was the most terrifying thing he had to learn in his life. But all the Telmori who benefited from the power of the staff, for many were healed after Artud-ferrs-urrigr by its powers, attributed it to the powers of King Kostajor.

Thus the Staff of Ancestors saved many Telmori lives in a peaceful way but it may be also used as a weapon. When Telmor is properly invoked all but the most evil magic can stand before its powers. When all of its power is unleashed armies might flee before it, Telmori will become like Telmor's first son and daughters, immortal and victorious. But it is always dangerous to use its power since some who cannot bear its power will be consumed by spirits of death and destruction bringing much woe to many wolves. Therefore only great Kings may wield it and only after they have travelled Dezak's Path a lot.

After King Kostajor departed to Dezak's Path King Eversad was chosen by the great council to be the next King. I was given the honour to give the Eaglebone to him from the Blackclaw packs. He gladly accepted knowing that the Eaglebone is a mighty weapon, only given to the bravest of the Telmori. Eaglebones were quite common when the world was still young and giant eagles nothing unusual in the Telmori Wilds. But now they are gone and can only be found in myth anymore.

Only a single bone is needed in the making of Eaglebones. But this secret is guarded by our Tergavi. They alone can make Eaglebones and they alone know how to do it. The secret is passed from Tergavi to Tergavi and not even our Kings know of it. Many say that the Tergavi forces the powers of the eagle to live within this bone but I think that this is not the truth. Giant eagles were so huge that they could carry of wolves easily. Their claws were sharp like poison metal and their beaks deadly like our hrugs. It would be too hard even for a Tergavi to force a spirit of such a beast to do something.

I believe that the Tergavi offer something to the spirits so they inhabit the bone. However I have no idea what this might be. Nonetheless giant eagle spirits inhabit Eaglenbones. It is the eagle's eyes who make the bone hit its target without difficulty and it is the eagle's wings that make it fly incredibly far and high. When in battle the Eaglebone is thrown high in the air and then it goes for its target. While aloft cries much like those of eagles are heard until it goes at an incredible speed down hitting the target. An Eaglebone is so magical that it can cut even magical armour. Normally the target is doomed and only very evil magic will save it from sure death. Once the target is hit the Eaglebone will stay in its place until the one who threw it removes it. It cannot be broken or removed by normal means. This weapon is a gift which only the bravest warriors deserve.

After Ferrud broke Fer into many little pieces so that each Telmori could make a Hrug out of it, he took all the pieces which were left and made a mask of them. When he first put his mask on everyone who saw him ran in terror before him. No one could see into the face of Fer but Telmor himself. To obtain such a mask one must wander Dezak's Path following Ferrud. This is very hard and only the best of the best make it, most fail and die at the hands of the thing that at the same time is and is not. But those who succeed return with the face of Fer.

This mask looks like a simple wooden carving showing a wolf. Its powers are awaken by putting the mask on. It somehow melts with the face of the bearer making his visage horribly terrifying. Most ordinary people flee when looking in the face of Fer. Even trained warriors fear this sight, yes even fellow Telmori cannot look at it. Since the mask is Fer it destroys magic as much as weapons who try to destroy it. No one less than a hero can look on the warrior bearing such a mask.

Most become terribly frightened, some even may die of fear instantly. A leader bearing this mask incarnates Ferrud the Deathbringer and his warriors will never lose hope regardless how tiny the chance of triumph or survival. But they are very rare and I know only one wolf who has it, Eversad our King, but he never used it.