What no Scholar knows

Our Magic

Listen to Eyes-like-blood a Tergavi from the foreign lands of Telmoria, where we wolves are still free to do whatever we like, although there is a lot of chaos.

We wolfpeople know a lot of magic, visible and invisible. Though you humans have heard or even seen us using wolfrunner magic I doubt that you know of the other. We Telmori have a lot of good and powerful magic. Our magic can be seen each year anew when the females give birth to many young and healthy cubs. Our magic can be seen around the Tergavifrr where man is seldom encountered and peace is still known and yes, our magic can be also seen inside our forests, each full of holy groves, sacred springs and sites of victory or woe. This is the magic of which we were never robbed of even when the most evil hre-vrr ruled our lands since this is the magic of our souls and our land.

Our magic is the magic of life itself. It cannot be directed against us and yet it is not benevolent to us only. If you could ask the land it would reply that it likes our magic of life but dislikes your magic of slavery. We live with this lands, you live of your lands. Each Telmori is content and thankful for all he gets even if it is as little as it was last year but you humans want only more and more. The old sickness has not died out in you. Greed is still strong with man.

I have seen a lot of humans' eyes shine when they saw the beautiful fur of my wife. It took me often only some moments to heal them from greed. Actually it is not that hard if you know how to do it. You must know that all the humans' greed is in their eyes. So you have only to scratch them out and they are cured. Sadly I never managed to do it in a way so the human could live afterwards.

But I am not here to judge you, I am here to tell you of our magic. We Tergavi know a lot of spirits either wolves or others. While our spiritwolves are always helpful other ones must be convinced to help us, yes some even must be forced. These are mostly the spirits of humans and prey animals. They want always to trick us Tergavi into a dangerous deals but Telmor has told us enough lessons and so we are very cautious when dealing with them.

Then there is the magic of day-to-day life. A Telmori does very few things without using his magic. For example every day when I wash myself inside a lake in Telmoria I bid Telmor to make the water very fresh and cool and it always is. We have also magic which keeps us healthy. Each time a two-legged Telmori cuddles his four-legged brother magic is evoked. This magic keeps the fur of the brother clean and soft. When we go to battle each of us breaks a stick or a bone for this gives us the strength to break the bones of our enemies. Some even crush stones with the fangs for this gives them immense strength.

I once have seen another Tergavi devouring spirits before he prepared for battle. Then when the battle was over and he did not return I asked my uncle what has happened. He replied that Bites-spirits as he was called thereafter was killed in battle but his spirit still lived on and chased the spirits of the enemies off the field. All mortals who dared to cross were bitten by him, and he bit into their souls deep wounds, never to be healed – for all time.

But there is also the female magic. This is the magic which makes us protect every cub with all our strength and this is the magic which makes us very vigorous when rutting time comes near. This is also the magic which makes the females look so beautiful. I almost can smell the scent of my wife who is back in Telmoria. This must be her magic reaching for me.

Oh, and there is much more to female magic than this but you humans would not understand this anyway since you got no rutting time, do you ?

As you see our magic is very powerful. It gives life to the cubs and gives death to the old wolves. It grants power to Kings and the Tergavi and it protects our forests and lands from evil. It makes us the people we are. It makes our life beautiful and rich. This is what Telmor did for us and we are happy he is our King.