Telmori Legends

King Peace

You are very lucky, visitor. This night you and us will visit the King of our pack. And not only that, he will also speak to you of ancient times when a thing you call Death was found by our tribe. Do not be frightened of our King, if you will behave as I have told you and do not interrupt, our King will be kind as well.

Sit down, you need not fear me nor my wolfbrother, hre-rar is some days away.

When this forest was still young and we Telmori did not had our curse and long before that time lived Ferrud. Well, he was not called Ferrud then but because this tale is so old, not even the spiritwolves remember his other name. It was a time when prey and peace was everywhere. And it was a magical time. For example you could eat a rabbit and would find it alive the next day or you could hunt in the skies. And in such times lived Ferrud.

When he was wandering the winds one day, for such could be done easily, he heard a terrible fight. There were standing two giants, one dark the other light, one male the other female, one peaceful the other raging. And one of them was holding a long stick. It was so long that you could not see the tip of it. Suddenly the one giant pierced the other with this stick. Now, this was nothing unusual for weapons existed long before.

But this was no ordinary weapon, this weapon did something which could no other. Ferrud saw, what no wolf has seen before, he saw someone die. First he did not realise this, but when he came to this place the next day the one giant still laid there and was not alive. This disturbed Ferrud and when he looked at the giant he knew that something had changed. He no longer felt the scent of life.

Ferrud realised that this weapon was a dangerous thing. It could take the scent of life from you and it would not return. And he was sure that the other giant would pierce more prey. Suddenly he thought of something which disturbed him very much. What if the giant wanted to pierce wolves ? What if he would lose all his friends ? No, this was too terrifying to even think of. But yet it was possible. And after making some preparations he set off to get this stick for all the wolfpeople.

Though he wanted to sleep this night, it wasn't possible he always had to think of this pointing stick and what it could do. Next day he set off and he walked for many days until he came to a dense forest. This forest was magnificent to look at. There dwelled all the beautiful, tasty and challengeous prey. This was Telmor's home. Here he was King and every wolf was his friend. Ferrud once got a gift from Telmor for such was the custom in these times.

After several days he found King Telmor who was gifting friends or playing with his children. King Telmor recognized Ferrud and offered him a gift. Ferrud politely accepted and joined a feast for in King Telmor's forest every day was full of joy. But after some more days King Telmor saw that Ferrud was not as happy as the others and as a friend he asked Ferrud what was this that caused Ferrud to be sad. And Ferrud told his tale…

After King Telmor had heard this, he thought a whole night and then he had an answer for Ferrud. King Telmor recognised the pointing stick. It was something which some of the other gods had found. And it has caused much trouble since it was discovered. Something which was unknown before was becoming very popular : destruction. Because King Telmor saw that in order to survive the Telmori would need this new power, too. He advised Ferrud to search for this pointing stick and to bring it to his King's forest. Before Ferrud departed Telmor gifted him once more this time he got Telmor's own skin as present.

Ferrud set out and soon saw what this power had done to the world. Many wolves and others were laying without their scent of life and everywhere people were unhappy and frightened. After asking where he could find the ones who did all this he was sent to wander far from all the known places. He had to walk the winds, though some winds were already without life, to find a big cave in a huge mountain. And out of this cave one could see a tip. Clearly this was the power he sought, this was the power of survival, this was Fer.

Thus Ferrud began to walk the winds again but he fell badly because here all winds were already dead. So he travelled by foot to the top of the mountain where the entrance of the cave was. And just before he got there the giant came out holding Fer. Now it was much shorter that when he saw it last time and later he would learn that every broken part of Fer was made into a new weapon that had the same power.

The giant shouted at Ferrud and it was dark and light, male and female, strong and weak, it was and was not. This was something which Ferrud never had seen before. This was something even Telmor did not know. This was something which was alien to the world. And this thing tried to pierce Ferrud with its stick. Poor Ferrud was stuck but because he had Telmor's skin he felt only a cold presense, nothing else. Then the thing tried to grab Ferrud and dropped Fer. When it struck Ferrud's left arm not even Telmor's skin helped, for this was chaos and only chaos can beat us. Ferrud's left arm was destroyed and he could never use it again. But he grabbed Fer. With a mighty strike Ferrud pierced all that was alive and all that was his enemy. In a mighty howl the scent of life left from that thing. Ferrud wounded and terrified returned to his King's forest presenting Fer before him. He told his tale of the thing that was and was not, of the destruction and of the woe of the whole world.

After that Fer was broken into tiny pieces each of them was a part of a new weapon. Together with Telmor Ferrud fought to defend King Telmor's forest. And since all the warriors had Telmor's skin and were trained and commanded by Ferrud they were victorious where ever they had gone. No mortal foe could stand against this army and so all were forced to make peace with the Telmori. And thus peace was made by Ferrud the Deathbringer who was later acclaimed King Peace.