Telmori Legends

King Eversad

Come hear the tale of our King Eversad and how he has got this name. Please listen carefully and do not interrupt.

I am Fearless and this is my wolfbrother Bite and we are both in King Eversad's bodyguard. We are here to tell the story of our King. How he became King and how he has got his name : Eversad.

After seven seasons had passed and King Kostajor the Unseen had not returned a great council gathered with all the wise Tergavi, Deza and Dezaker. They came together to decide what had to be done in order to give the Telmori their lost strength back. Many things were decided that night but one thing is most important for this story.

All the Tergavi agreed that a new King was needed first before anything else could be done. And thus all preparations were made to open the sacred paths for all those who would participate in the battle against Gbaji. After a season full of rituals and training everyone was prepared. Nearly eight of ten Telmori entered the magic paths and brought honour to their followers on this day. We were two of them.

After a full day of running through unknown hills and woods we reached the Fields of Glory, here all of the greatest Telmori heroes fought and it is here where Kings were made. And I and Bite were then a part of it. You could smell the foul stench of the enemy army, their weapons high in the sky, their armour shining with magic and their hearts filled with hatred. And then the battle started…

Many of us fell to those bastards, good wolves all. But as the blinding disc was sinking us wolves began taking the field over. After a final attack only a few of the gbajisons still lived. One of them was Gbaji himself, their leader, the Eternal Foe. And as they just began to flee I recognised Gbaji in his foul disguise and if I just had been some steps nearer I would ripped him apart with my teeth.

But King Eversad was near enough and he also recognised Gbaji. He jumped at him and started to bite him like I have not seen before. But though Gbaji laid on the field he could manage to cast a bestial spell. Suddenly a row of terrible teeth appeared on the Deceiver's body and since this was chaos it was also very deadly. Gbaji's second teeth bit King Eversad so deeply in his hind quarters that he was doomed never to mate. While King Eversad shook in terror and pain, Gbaji managed to flee. But after all the smell of victory was ours, again. King Eversad survived this fight only by the grace of an unknown wolf who healed his wound and who spoke to him some words. We all rested this night for our new King was chosen.

When we woke the Tergavi spoke to us that King Eversad was the chosen one for he had fought Gbaji and ripped a secret of his body though he was wounded seriously himself. We all learned what secret our new King „ripped“ from Gbaji. Though his wound would never heal fully, the blood which dripped from this would was a special healing salve. It could make Telmor's skin immune to any weapon. Not even magical or poison metal ones could penetrate it. But for this King Eversad gave his life force, he could never become a father.

And though he can give life with his wound it would always remind him of his lost part. For this he is called Eversad for no joy can make his tears and grief go away. And though he will never laugh and will never be happy he is a good King since it is him who reminds us every day what we have and what is important for us Telmori.

This is our life, our freedom, our children and our honour. But since man is greedy he will not give us peace but will hunt us forever until we make him stop.

This is what King Eversad gives us : Strength to fight our foes, hope to never give up and honour to be always just. We could never wished for a better King.