Train with the Warriors

How we use Death

I strongly suggest that all visitors who are not trained with weapons stay in the forest tonight. We are going to attack a small band of bandits that have killed some of our wolves for furs. This must be revenged. We are expected only to watch the attack but if something surprising happens everyone must be ready to charge in or defend himself. Thus no scholars are allowed if they cannot defend themselves. Be sure not to threaten any of our warriors when the attack takes place else you might get killed. It is also a bad idea to fight with our warriors without command because you might get actually regarded as an enemy. Remember some of our clan cannot decide whether you are a foe or just a visitor. This is going to be dangerous ! Everyone who doubts if he can handle it, stay and live, remember you have no Telmor's skin. One final warning, do not wear your armour : it is not good if you want to run away and it is not very silent when you are sneaking.

About midnight we should be at the edge of the Telmori Woods. They live not far from that.

You see, finally we have arrived. Follow me to that group of trees we stay there and watch. Look how peaceful this village sleeps, well for some of them this will be their final sleep. Did you see our warriors sneaking around the village ? Well, I never understood why you always make these villages, they are bad to defend and they look ridiculous. They are like traps and every one is filled with prey, you are funny.

It is a shame that we are not able to see their faces when they die or when we all begin our prayers. I tell you they are more than frightened, they are horrified and some die out of fear alone. Now look, we have surrounded them, the warriors will pray now to Telmor aloud that he may grant them his skin. Feel the magic of Telmor, he is near…

Rrrr, see these humans run, they all will die tonight. Look between the two houses, there is some light. You can see my two cousins fight very well against these humans. Do you see this poison blade in his hand ? He must be the King of the village.

Now, what do you say ? He wasn't that brave after all, look how he is running, running like a rabbit. Does he not know that every wolf is faster than him ? Why we do not kill the women and children, rrrrr, do you want to insult us ? We never do that, women are the life bringers and killing children is no point. But I have heard that you humans do such things, could you tell me why ?

Oh, it's nearly ended. Only two humans are standing, the women have fled with their children. Two more strikes and finally it will be over. But I see that some of my friends are still in rage, I say it is better now for you all to depart silently before they catch a look at you.

This could be very fatal or does somebody want to stay ? No ? That is for the better.