Telmori Legends

How Kostajor saved Terasarin

Here is another tale of King Kostajor the Unseen. I told you already how he saved Jarosar and what happened thereafter. Now this story tells you what happened seventeen years later. Do not dare to interrupt the magic of the story.

King Kostajor did many things, some were mundane while others were magical but nearly all were heroic in some way. For example a Tergavi told him once that he would need a bit of the new fallen snow on the tree tops. King Kostajor didn't hesitate and set off to find the highest tree in the Telmori Forest. After a day he came to a huge tree which was visible for days around. He started to climb it and though it was covered with ice he reached the top of it within a day. Before he took a bit of the snow he looked up and saw a star so near that he tried to reach out for it and indeed could touch it. But since he had to bring snow to the Tergavi he couldn't speak to the star but returned to the Tergavi. The Tergavi was very pleased with the snow he got and his golden eyes potion was the best ever made.

Another time he was woken up by Telmor himself. Telmor told him that in the morning it was time to make new friends. King Kostajor remembered what had happened seventeen years ago and he also remembered that then Telmor told him that he would have to repeat it. King Kostajor knew that this would eventually mean to face the Red Men and their hrevrr once again and he prepared well for it.

When on Dezak's Path he wrestled against two hell hounds and won. He also tried to beat Lightning of the Storm tribe. But though he outran Thunder, Lightning's brother, he could never outran Lightning himself. But he thought it would be enough to beat Thunder. Thus he was prepared for his second mission.

The night he woke up Deza was visible and she showed him the way to the battlefield. In the morning just after the blinding disc showed up King Kostajor reached the field. The Red Men's army seemed smaller than the Sartar one but he also saw many of the hrevrr which could destroy many souls at once. The Sartar army had no hrevrr but some of them also knew evil magic though the magic of the Red Men was far more evil.

Both armies slowly marched towards each other. And both were chanting and praying for magic from their gods. Suddenly King Kostajor saw how the hrevrr summoned many of their evil spirits just to send them to attack the Sartar army. The Sartarites were not prepared for this and many began to flee in all directions while the Red Men hunted after them. Thus victory seemed again likely for the Red Men.

Now King Kostajor had to act. He saw a young man standing in the front line next to the Sartar King. First he had to climb over the heaps of dead Sartar men who died because of the hrevrr magic and when he crossed the field some of the spirits attacked him. But his wolfbrother grabbed most of them and ate them. Then King Kostajor had to face several Red Men on horses. They tried to ride him down but again his wolfbrother saved him by biting in the legs of the horses which brought the Red Men to fall. At the ground they were no match for King Kostajor and his wolfbrother.

Finally a warrior covered in poison metal armour, armed with a poison metal blade and chanting evil magic stood before King Kostajor. Now this was something his wolfbrother could not handle and even King Kostajor would have problems with. Therefore he called out loud that now he would be faster than Lightning. Suddenly out of the dark skies Lightning appeared standing before Kostajor but because he wasn't careful enough he landed where the poison metal warrior was standing. This killed the poison metal warrior of course and Lighting saw this and disappeared as fast as he appeared for his father King of the Storm tribe hasn't allowed him to play in this world.

And thus King Kostajor reached King Tarkalor Trollkiller and his household on the battlefield. Both of the recognized each other but since there was never time for a friendship between the two of them no one reacted.

Then King Kostajor spoke with magic for a few moments. This was magic which King Tarkalor knew and he replied in magic which King Kostajor knew. Both of them knew that victory was lost and both of them knew that there was only escape for one of them. Thus King Tarkalor said that he had lived for too many years now to wait for another battle but his son should not die the same time as the father. For it is the tradition that a son makes a fine funeral for his father and King Tarkalor wouldn't want to break this tradition. And though young Terasarin bid his father so dearly that even Kostajor was moved to come with him Tarkalor gave only his sword to Terasarin saying these words : "There is always another way." And thus Terasarin jumped on the back of Kostajor and both of them made for Boldhome.

But this remained not unnoticed and the hrevrr who knew that King Kostajor could outran all arrows summoned Red Lightning to hunt down them. But though Red Lightening was faster then Thunder he was much slower than Lightning of the Storm tribe and thus it was no wonder King Kostajor outran him as well. At Boldhome Terasarin invited Kostajor to stay but he refused since he had his own Kingdom but from time to time he visited Terasarin nonetheless and also talked with the Royal Guard in Boldhome which were all Telmori. But he hasn't become such a friend with Terasarin as he has been with Jarolor.

Something has been lost during the years and more of it got lost later. Therefore now Telmori and the people of Orlanth are not friends anymore.