Telmori Legends

How Dog and Wolf became Enemies

Listen carefully what has happened that Wolf and Dog became the enemies they are. Deadly-tongue will tell you this story from his lands, so do not spoil the magic of his story.

There was a time when everything was good and everyone was happy. There was no war, no hunger and no fear. And everything could be done in different ways and regardless how it was done it would always succeed. Here my story begins and I bid Telmor to devour the souls of those who would interrupt it.

Wolf and Dog were brothers, they had the same mother. They did everything what they could together since they were also good friends.

Once Wolf got in big trouble because he tried to catch a fiery bird. First the bird flew off every time Wolf came near but after a while Wolf became more cunning and approached it from behind where it could not see him. And thus one time he caught the fiery bird with his teeth and he was burned terribly. Never again would he hunt fiery birds. But the fiery bird cursed Wolf because he bit some feathers off and so Wolf could not eat for some years. Wolf would have starved for sure but Dog his brother found for him a pool with cool water which would not burn when drunk and would also be enough food to survive. After several years the curse wore off and wolf could hunt again and eat real food. Thus Dog saved the life of Wolf, not for the first time and also not for the last time.

Another time Dog did a silly thing. He always wanted a pelt like that of Wolf or even that of Bear. So he approached Bear and asked him if he could lend him his fur. Bear was surprised to hear such a bidding but since he would not need it the next time he gave it to Dog in exchange for the promise that when Bear would need Dog's skin Dog should lend it to him also. Dog agreed and went off with his new warm pelt. But after some time the pelt became too heavy and Dog returned it to Bear. Soon he forgot about all this.

When the cold time came Bear demanded Dog's skin for he wanted to seal his stone home with it to protect it from the icy winds. Dog knew that he had no other option and gave it to Bear. Now the cold time was very cold and without his skin Dog would have died for sure but just when Dog mourned the loss of his skin most Wolf came by and asked what was on Dog's mind, and Dog explained all. Wolf ripped his pelt in two with a single bite and gave one half to Dog. Yes, through the whole winter both of them were cold but both of them survived the winter. Afterwards Dog never gave his skin away. Many such things happened to either of them and the other was always there to help. And so Wolf and Dog were happy and content.

Then one day both of them saw something which they wanted for themselves only. This could not been shared even among the closest friends. They saw a female.

Both agreed that whoever will win the female's attention first should become her lover. Both of them tried to hunt down the biggest prey which they could.

After several days of preparation both of them started the hunt. They for the first time went hunting not together but alone. And when Wolf was inside his preferred forest he encountered a big elk and when he sneaked so near that he had only to jump and then he would have it he saw a movement right of him. Though he was disturbed he did not pay more attention to it and ran towards the elk and hit it hard with his teeth. But at the same time someone else did the same. It was a long battle until the elk was on the ground and until Wolf recognized Dog and Dog recognized Wolf. Both of them were happy and both of them congratulated the other for this was a very big elk the biggest both of them had ever seen. They both returned with the elk to the female and presented it before her. She replied that it would need another contest to decide who was more worthy to become hers.

Thus b oth of them agreed to present to her the most valuable thing they had. Both of them again departed to think about what was most valuable to them. After several days Wolf left for Dog's place. When he had passed half the way he encountered Dog. Both of them shared only a smile and returned to the female again. The female asked what they had brought for she was seeing nothing new. Dog replied that his most valuable thing was Wolf his best friend and Wolf replied that Dog was not only his brother but also his closest friend and he knew of nothing more precious than their friendship. Dog agreed and again this contest ended in a draw. The female once again proposed a contest. This time the one who would bring the biggest golden leave from the Gold Tree would win.

So both of them set off for the Precious Forest. They agreed to help each other inside the Precious Forest because it was a very dangerous place but when they would have reached the Golden Tree they would search themselves for the biggest leave. And so it was done together they passed the Emerald Bridge, the Silver Flowers and the Ruby Grass and reached the Golden Tree. As was said both of them searched for the biggest leave on it. And both of them found it. It was on the top of the tree and though both of them tried to jump high and reach it no one could. And after a while they realised that once again they needed each other. And so Wolf helped Dog to jump even higher and thus Dog reached the leave and brought it down the Golden Tree. And they returned to the female to present the leave.

Dog had the leave in his mouth and thus the female thought him to be the victor. But Wolf told the story of what happened and that they both brought the leave to her. But Dog who was enticed by the female's beauty said : „But this is not as you say, brother. It was me who jumped high enough and picked the golden leave and not both of us. You were just helping me.“ Wolf was disturbed he was not used to such things. „But without me you still would jump up and down and would never have this leave.“ said Wolf. „Indeed this is so. But I was clever enough to be the one who picked the leave not you. So I am deserving her and you are not.“ Wolf got very angry at this but the female only smiled at Dog and presented her rear to him and so horny Dog got even more exited. He started to tell that he never really needed Wolf and just became his friend to help him out because Wolf could do no thing on his own properly. This enraged Wolf even more and he started to shout at Dog what a bad friend he was and that he would never again speak to a traitor like him and that from that day on they should be no longer brothers but enemies and that all wolves shall hunt doggish scum off their lands.

And indeed from that day on we wolves are enemies to dogs and whenever one enters our lands we hunt him off.