The Tergavi speaks

Great Spirits of the Telmori, part 3

This story is full of magic so do not interrupt or you may unleash it upon you !

Once there lived an Telmori called Ark. Ark was quite happy and content with his life. He had eveything a Telmori needs and sometimes even more. The older he got the easier he got anything he wanted. Thus no wonder one day he said that he had all he ever wished and that he would not desire more until he died. Many Telmori envied Ark because he had so much but since it was in Telmori woods greed could not turn friends to enemies. Thus life continued peacefully. But Ark grew more and more proud of all he had. He was even heard to say that there was no living wolf who was more happy than him.

But even Ark had to age and so many days from then on Ark became old. His legs ached and he could no longer run like the young wolves and sometimes he would have nothing to eat. Thus he had to trade a small item of his collection for a meal. Soon nothing of his possessions was left and Ark was still hungry. Thus Ark's happiness changed to anger. Now it was him who envied the others who could still run like he had done in the younger days and he would have done everything for just one day of this joy. But of course this was not possible.

From then on Ark prayed to Telmor each night to grant him his former strength for just one night. For many years no answer came and Ark became lame. He could not move on his own and food had to be brought to him or he would have starved. It was then that Ark composed the poem of the content wolf. To tell this poem it needs half of a night. In this poem Ark tells what he all had and how content he was about it but when he became old all was useless. The last line tells what a Telmori needs to be content, this is health, peace, love and Telmor.

For this insight Telmor granted Ark his wish and he gave him one final day without all his possessions but with the strength and the agility of his youth.

The next day Ark died but also became a spirit guardian of the old wolves. He is there to remind them of their glorious youth and what a Telmori needs to be content.