The Tergavi speaks

Great Spirits of the Telmori

Listen to our Tergavi Blood-in-his-eyes. He will tell you of great spirits which we Telmori may summon if the time is right. And if you interrupt him or me he will summon lesser ones before your own eyes !

Frud-fer was a friends to a friend of us and Telmor. He served in the army of Nysalor, the Good Light. He was the leader of many Telmori and preferred us from anyone else. For every Telmori he was like an older brother or sister. When Gbaji came in his many different disguises he always recognised him by his virtue of faith. During the Gbaji wars, he was the leader of Nysalor's Telmori army and though he was no wolf he was often so eager to kill the enemies of his friend that he was faster than any four-legged wolf and stronger than any two-legged wolf. In the end when nearly all friends of Nysalor turned away from him and it was clear that Nysalor could not triumph against Gbaji Frud-fer assembled all living Telmori.

He held a speech that lasted from one blessed day to the next. In this speech he retold the whole story of Nysalor from the beginning to his death-to-come and while he spoke not a single Telmori moved for the whole seven days such was the magic of his story. But in the end he noted that it would be futile to waste all of our ancestors lives, this was something Gbaji was hoping for but he should not get it. Instead Frud-fer said that if all Telmori gave him a part of their souls he would be like the best of them all. And on this day all Telmori sacrificed a part of their soul to Frud-fer giving him more power than most Telmori Kings have. When the last Telmori gave a piece of his soul to Frud-fer another wolf stepped before Frud-fer. But since all wolves of the world already gave their piece who was this one ?

It remains a mystery even until today. But some say it was Telmor himself who gave his soul to Frud-fer to strengthen him against the powers of Gbaji, other say it was Gbaji in disguise who spoiled the ritual by giving Frud-fer a part of his evil soul. Regardless who this was Frud-fer accepted the gift and left towards the Tower of Justice where first peace was declared.

We Telmori did not want him to go and many tried to persuade him to stay but his track was clearly visible. And then, atop the Tower of Justice where Nysalor's last battle took place Frud-fer fought off all enemies of the Good Light but one, Gbaji himself. This time he wore a disguise unknown of. And Frud-fer realised too late what it really was. Thus he was killed and his soul plundered by Gbaji.

Today we cannot summon his spirit not contact him because of Gbaji's evil deeds. Many say that he is imprisoned in a trap so deep that even Telmor could not jump out of it and that he is fed only wolf. But in order to survive he must eat his friends. I do not know if this is right but sometimes a Telmori may dream of Frud-fer and rarely Frud-fer speaks to them. Therefore Frud-fer still lives but no Telmori knows where.

Darkeyes was a Tergavi when the forests were still young and though he has walked Dezak's Path a lot he never got the golden eyes of Telmor. Therefore he was called Darkeyes. But though he never got the golden eyes he received many other blessings.

For example he was the first who had spiritwolves as wolfbrothers. They were only visible in daylight and then just a bit. They could bite and swallow souls. Therefore they were named Soulkillers. Darkeyes had two of them, one was white as new-fallen snow on the tree tops the other black as the sky without stars and without the red disc. He loved them both dearly.

Once a shaman from the dog clan stole his Soulkillers. So Darkeyes searched for them long and far. On his travel he learned many more powers which are until today precious to us but in the end he found his Soulkillers. They were lying in a pitfall, lifeless and without souls. Seeing this Darkeyes swore vengeance to the dog shaman. He did not rest until the whole clan which the dog shaman belonged to was brought to death.

To achieve this he dealt with many dangerous spirits but each time a spirit tried to betray Darkeyes he had already a stronger one on his side. Yet though his vengeance was successful he never found the souls of his Soulkillers. Thus is is hard for us today to summon him because he is still searching for the souls of his beloved Soulkillers. But he may be called upon when we Telmori deal with dangerous spirits or if we want to avenge a major theft or our spirits.

Thus I recall when I still was young that the Spear of Cold was stolen from our tribe and that the Tergavi Many-wolf called Darkeyes to help him to recover it. Some seasons later he returned with the spear and some men of night who brought treasures from their queen to apologize for the theft.

These are two of our many spirits and I will tell you more then next time.