Telmori Legends

Gbaji's Return - a Prophecy

Listen to this tale of woe, visitor and do not dare to interrupt.

A well-known Telmori poem goes like this :

When Gbaji came for the first time, many were friends.
When Gbaji came for the second time, some were friends.
When Gbaji came for the third time, friends were rare.
When Gbaji came for the fourth time, only wolves were there.

Three times Gbaji has already come and three times we have suffered. But though we are cursed, our friends had left us and man hunts us for fur we have managed to survive. This is alone because of the grace of Telmor. We wolfpeople are grateful to have such a wonderful and benevolent father. But though we are relatively safe in our wilds from our enemies we still must train our skills and watch the omens.

For, three times has Gbaji come but we await his forth comming. And then there will be no one else than us wolves to keep him from destroying the world. Men will fight over blinking coins and stones, greed and chaos will reign, brother will eat sister and mother will eat child, the sky will stop to dance, the forests will die and the other darkness will cover all.

These are the signs of Gbaji's return. So watch out for them and tell your Tergavi for he alone knows what there is to do.

I want to end this tale with another Telmori poem :

And once again the Deceiver will return,
this will make all wolven souls burn,
for there will be no joy and no life,
until he and his minions have died.
But since only we wolves can fight,
and he comes with terrible might,
I see the outcome of it not,
Should we all die ?
Could this be our lot ?