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links to more things Telmori

Sorry, people.

The old Forest had a section of links pointing to more things Telmori. I have checked the links and have to admit that they are outdated. So until I go and search for Telmori pages online, get the permission from the autors and all that this page will remain kind of blank.

If you have an article or just something about Telmori, please be so kind and contact me. I will gladly place a link to it here.

An idea that just came to my mind is to sum up all the publications that had references to Telmori. With some time next week you can expect a list here soon.

Sometimes you get things sooner than you expected. Here is the first link.

Children of Mralot - a story by Tim Ellis published on Nick Brooke's web site with references to the Telmori as not the nicest of people

have fun,

Telmori Thomas