Train with the Warriors

Feast of the Warriors

Hear what this blood crazed warrior has to say.

This was shortly after I was admitted to join the warriors. Our pack, that is the Bloodpaws, was preparing for a major attack on our mortal foes, the Maboder. Quite possible that you have heard of them but you will certainly see them no more.

In these times of unrest they tried to burn all of our forests. Many times should they pay for it. We trained the whole of erutr and it was planned that a sneak attack in arutr should teach them a lesson. Many of our warriors were so eager to kill that they turned to full wolves even before the hre-rar. One even did not turn back before the Maboders were killed.

So it was done as was planned. We sneaked towards Maboder territory all in all maybe 20 packs. First their guardians were slaughtered. I had the honour to rend the flesh of the first one. I sneaked towards him secured with Telmor's skin and just as he turned his back to me my hind legs gave me the power needed. Within heart beats my sharp teeth had turned his face into a net of skin and holes. He was bleeding beautifully on the new fallen snow. You should have heard his screaming, oh this wonderful voice. He was roaring, his throat full of his own blood. As I left him I tore his body open and left him still breathing, certainly not for very long. He was my first man killed and many more followed.

Most of the guards died in these moments but some lucky one made an escape and warned the rest of the Maboder, so that they could take arms before we arrived.

We surrounded their village from all four sides. Our Tergavi were prepared to face their evil magic. Telmor was with us on that day because everyone of us had smelled and tasted blood in the morning.

My uncle led the Bloodpaws into attack. Men with sword and women with axes faced us. They were covered with their usual armour. Never in my life has the battle frenzy consumed my senses more. I was fast like with seven legs, striking with the speed of an aw-hrug and taking blow for blow without notice. Our pack had great warriors and so it was no wonder these bastard died so fast. Then every band searched on its own for hiding humans. My wolf brother found a trail of two people, or so we thought first, for only two pairs of footprints were running from the village. I ran as fast as I could along with my wolfbrother, my heart beating faster in pursuit of my prey.

Then I saw them, two people running away, a man and a women. And the woman was even carrying a child. A very small one not older than some drog-rarr. Then I did something very clever, I howled as loud as I could instead of sneaking up to them. The man turned towards my wolfbrother and me then faced his wife and child. He touched both of them who began to ran even more intensely. But he stood firm and up he lifted a gleaming sword. It was not the usual brown colour but more shining. He kneeled and spoke some words looking up to the sky. Then he faced me and my wolfbrother.

We came with terrible speed. I cannot remember to have run so fast since or before. As we came slowly to his reach a cold wind blew into my eyes. It would have blown my soul away but Telmor was at my side this day and my spirit was too strong to die this day. But though this did not kill me it left a deep wound in my face making me an ugly wolf. My wolfbrother was at his feet when he received a blow with his sword. Blackpelt was screaming, this weapon went right through Telmor's skin. Now it was clear that this was a man of death, those who we fear most among the people of Orlanth. But I was lucky enough to bite his sword arm and rend it useless. After that he showed no more resistance, like if he accepted death without a fight. After Blackpelt and I tore the body apart our snouts were soaked with blood.

We made for his wife next. She was found easily with the senses of our father and she looked terrified to the bone when we approached. She laid her child into a bush and drew a little dagger. Blackpelt reached her first and she was not much of a resistance. He clawed her belly open while I bit her throat until she choked of blood. I left her to Blackpelt and made for the child.

It was sitting in a bush crying of cold. Suddenly pictures rushed through me. Pictures of our forests burned, our prey destroyed and our home no longer existing. I opened my eyes as well as my mouth and took this little head into it. With a terrible force I broke the bone. I held this child till it stopped crying. Then I left the bastard's body to rot.

Though all of your humans call me mad whenever I tell this story I will again say that I never attended a better feast. When I returned to the village I saw all the corpses, the smell of fresh blood was in the air and some of them still damped from their wounds.

This was a beautiful sight to my eyes and I still remember it as if it was yesterday, after all it was my first time.