What no Scholar knows

Eyes of the Telmori

Hear about what to you humans is your most important sense : eyes.

The most prominent about an eye is its colour. The eyes of four-legged Telmori vary from golden to black, seldom is blue encountered while the two-legged Telmori has blue to black eyes, there is no natural gold.

The eye of a four-legged Telmori is better equipped to see when the blinding disc is not in the sky. This is just the other way with the two-legged Telmori. So a Telmori band will always have the advantage.

When the two-legged wolf becomes a four-legged a soft golden glow comes from his eyes. It envelopes all of his body, within heart beats the fur grows, arms become legs and the head changes. After the transformation is done the glow disappears again into the eyes of the Telmori. This has lead to the proverb „Our magic is in our eyes.“

But our eyes is also where our soul is. It's where our immortal spirit lies.
I told you that normally a two-legged Telmori does not have golden eyes, yet you see that I have these. How can this be ?

There is indeed the possibility to gain golden eyes as a two-legged member of the people of the wolf. To gain them you must travel Dezak's path. This journey begins at the heart of our woods and leads to the stars of gold where the guardian awaits. There the guardian must be beaten in seven contest. If you do it the right way you will gain a pair of golden eyes but if you fail woe to you. Perhaps you will not return at all or perhaps your spirit is broken or your soul stolen. If you fail you will never get golden eyes, for this path may be taken only once in life. But I will tell you of this path the next time we meet. Until now it should be enough to know this little.

So what is so special about these golden eyes ? Yes, they look beautiful and every female is proud of her husband if he has them but what else is so special about them ? I will tell you.

With them you can see things normal mortals are blind to. You can see dreams and fears of others, you can see their joy and you can see things which cannot be seen at all, like love, sadness and other feelings.

This we can do with our eyes alone. But we have also ears and our nose.