The Tergavi speaks

Dezak's Path

Again a big secret will be revealed to you. Be grateful, be patient and listen without interrupting the Tergavi. If you interrupt him or me he may send spiritwolves after you !

I will tell of the time when no man nor beast could live in peace. I will tell of the time when chaos was mightiest. I will tell of the time where all of the gods united to fight it. The times, when mud covered all and even the best of the scouts left tracks, suitable for hungry monsters to follow. The times, when the Tergavi could not toss his fortune-bones, for they
would break every time. I will tell of of the time when the blinding disc was dead and I will tell of the joy when it returned.

The fight was terrible. The forces of chaos were so powerful they could corrupt gods and stand before their armies with ease. It was like nothing we know today. The gods were like mountains, forests or streams, some filled the whole sky. Yet, chaos was even more powerful. Where it could not triumph by force, it would use seduction or treason. It would turn good wolves to abominations, it would turn fathers against sons, it would turn Telmori against Telmori. And thus it would be victorious in the end.

While the gods had a hard standing the simple peoples' hearts were broken. Many of them had witnessed the death of all their friends, packs, family and sometimes even their gods at the hands of chaos. With every day more of them turned to the side of evil. Perhaps they thought that they could survive in this way. But I tell you, if you ever embrace chaos, all of you will be gone replaced by hatred and envy. Thus chaos makes sure that you can never turn from it.

In those days people who did not turn to chaos were already heroes. Those of them who fought chaos are remembered in many tales now. One of those heroes was Dezak. He was a Telmori warrior and he was also a dezaker, a Telmori leader. He saw the Telmori race destroyed by evil piece by piece. And he also saw Telmori who began to worship chaos. But times were that hard that he had to hide from them, and sometimes pretend he was doing it as well. He recognised that without help he would be nothing but easy prey for chaos. He decided to go and search for whatever was needed to bring the world to peace again.

He travelled through the unknown darkness and there he discovered Yrr. She was weeping for all the Telmori heroes who died in this battle. From every tear that fell on the ground a she-wolf was born that was ready to fight chaos. Dezak spoke to Yrr in a way that is no longer known. He spoke with only magic and in such a way that Yrr stopped weeping. She suddenly decided that it was senseless to cry in the darkest corner of the world. If Dezak, who was no god, was able to give her hope she would be able to give others hope, too. She thanked Dezak with a piece of her life and thus Deza joined Dezak. Whenever Dezak was losing hope Deza would tell him the words he told Yrr and within moment he would cheer up. And Deza never lost hope for Deza was born from the hope of Yrr.

The two travelled through the unknown skies and there they discovered a star. He was a warrior and his armour was hope, his weapon was trust and his strength was love. He was standing and guarding his father's house. When Deza and Dezak approached he greeted them friendly. This was something unknown in these times. Friends never greeted for there was no time for it and foes just greeted with their weapons. Deza and Dezak replied the greeting. Then Dezak asked what the warrior was doing here and why he was not fighting against chaos. The star answered that this was his father's house who was killed by chaos when he fell asleep once. Now he was guarding his infant brothers. Dezak asked who his father was. The warrior said that his father was as hot as a fire could be, his light filled the sky when he was still living and that his father was a mighty warrior and a terrible foe of chaos. Dezak and Deza could bring him to go with them in search of his father. But Deza had to stay and guard the warriors brothers. That's why once in the seasons you can see her face in the skies.

Dezak and the warrior walked many paths and met many people and gods. When Dezak was losing hope the warrior cheered him up for he never lost his armour. Thus all places they visited became places of hope and the people began to hope for the better and no longer accepted their „fate“. And in every place the star warrior spoke to people and Dezak to beasts.

After some time chaos was no longer worshiped and no man nor beast would accept it but fight even if death was most likely. Thus hope, trust and love were returning to all. And this was what Dezak and the star warrior did. They saved the world from destruction by chaos because where there was no hope they had hoped, where there was no love they had loved and where there was no trust they had trusted.

After all united to fight chaos with all the strength Dezak and the star warrior chose their own way. While the star warrior searched for his fiery father and found it Dezak returned to Deza who was no longer needed to guard the children for the children were now star warriors themselves. As both of them returned the blinding disc also returned to the skies, giving warmth and life again.

We remember Dezak today. Every time a Telmori chooses to visit Telmor or other gods he walks Dezak's Path, every time we make kings we walk Dezak's Path and every time we make new warriors we walk Dezak's Path. He was the first to do it and we will always remember his name, forever.