The Tergavi speaks

Age of Wolves

Hear what I, Neverfears, have to tell - listen and learn.

Many of our stories begin when all the wolves were still happy, when forests were full of prey and when man was not as jealous of our peace as he is today. This was the age of wolves. And I will tell you more of it if you should listen silently without disturbing me.

I have spoken last night in dreams to the oldest of spiritwolves and they showed my what it was like to live in the age of wolves.

Imagine, a dark night, no red disc in the sky and it is hre-rar and you do not feel the pain, the pelt will not grow this night, you soul is not poisoned and you need not run on all four in search for blood, yes you can even sleep. Just imagine. It's like if you were one of the blessed ones.

Run for some days to the orutr and you will meet the monster tribe. They are big and ugly and wield heavy clubs made of the darkness metal. Indeed they call on the other darkness to help them, their friends are shadows which creep from under stones and out of woods and they fear the blinding disc. But that is not all, they eat their brothers and their children and if they capture you they will eat you, too. Now, just imagine in the age of wolves such monsters were imprisoned deep under the earth, in dark caves where they could never escape.

Run for some days in any other direction and you will meet another tribe of monsters. Those are not as easily described as the other. Some even look like us, some pretend to be good but only few of them really are. Most of them will trick you into crimes against your pack, like bestiality or try to kill you so that they can sell your pelt afterwards or carry it around to show what mighty warriors they are. I ask you if this is how things should be. Have you ever seen one of our uncles or our brothers carry the skin of our victims ? This is for a very good reason.

No Telmori is fool enough to honour his fallen enemies, indeed I know of very few enemies who would deserve it. None of them was a man. In these days they go around like kings, they think that they can do about everything. They make laws where none are needed and the are selfish and greedy. Yes, greed is in their eyes, you can see it if you look deep enough. I know what I say, for I have met one blind man and he was nothing like the other. Though he is far from a hor-vars-urrig he is my friend. But as King Kostajor have said peace cannot last forever and one day we will heal them from the greed for all times. Now, just imagine in the age of wolves this race was friendly to us wolves, greed was unknown and you could run for weeks without meeting one of them.

Take Dezak's Path and run for a while, you will see most of those you meet are monsters and enemies. Rarely will you find a friend. This is because since the age of wolves much has changed. Evil people have killed our friends, and evil gods rule much of this world. Just look and the red disc and the men who worship it. Certainly you cannot be a friend to us and worship something as terrible and dangerous as the red disc and its evil goddess. Now, just imagine in the age of wolves such things never were, mighty gods would have crushed such abominations on the same day it rose.

Now, imagine we all could live again in the age of wolves. It needs just us all to convince the monsters to share our dream of the age of wolves. But many of them will not listen, and therefore there cannot be a new age of wolves unless they die.

So listen well to your King and your Tergavi for they know what to do. Never give up hope for a new age.